Featured Online Dating Studies

Man outside who is tired

Emotional Fatigue and Burnout in Online Dating – Study

A detailed look at how many people utilizing online dating services say they experience emotional fatigue or burnout and to what degree during the process. Read More…

Woman texting on her phone

Dating Message Responses When Not Interested – Study

A study looking at whether or not people respond to online dating messages from other singles who they are not interested in pursuing any type of connection with. Read More…

Capitol Hill

Importance of Politics in Partner Selection – Study

A look into the relationships between politics and dating and how singles perceive the importance of politics in selecting a romantic partner for dating. Read More…

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Our Mission

At Singles Reports, our mission is to connect you with “The Data that Drives Dating.” In an industry expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.6% to an impressive $11.03 billion (USD) by 2028, there’s a considerable amount to unpack and analyze.

From annual statistical reports to in-depth data analysis to targeted dating app reviews, the team at Singles Reports is passionate about dating by the numbers. Whether you’re a single person looking for the next best dating app for you or you’re a researcher looking for data, we’re here to help.

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Our Focus


Our team regularly publishes reports on the online dating industry, the singles market, and national and global trends.

Data Analysis

Numbers always drive the narrative at Singles Reports. Our team breaks down the need to know numbers and figures.

App Reviews

The heart of the online dating industry are iOS and Android applications designed to help singles meet and interact.