How to Write a Good Dating Site Profile Headline

It’s no secret that first impressions are everything when it comes to meeting new people. In fact, it takes a person an average of seven seconds to form an opinion about someone. Seven. Seconds. That’s about how long it took you to read the first sentence!

Now, before you go flipping that table in frustration, bear with us. This is where a great dating site headline comes into play.  While the idea that someone has already judged you before they’ve even started to read your bio probably makes you want to give up on the dating scene altogether, there’s actually heaps of opportunity lying underneath this ‘seven second’ fact.

We’ve put together a quick guide to help you leverage the power of a great dating profile headline. Use our simple tricks to attract great matches within minutes!

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What is a Dating Site Headline?

As the name suggests, your dating site headline is the text which appears at the top of your dating profile. On many sites and apps, it’s also the line of text which appears in your profile’s preview.

Aside from your picture, name, age and location, your dating site headline is the first thing potential matches will view when scrolling.

Why a Dating Site Headline is Important

We’ve already covered the fact that first impressions count, but this is incredibly important when considering the nature of online dating. In this virtual world, you can’t rely on a witty comeback, or a ‘do over’ to fix a messed up first impression. Why? Well, quite simply, if you give off the wrong impression to a potential match, they’ll simply dismiss your profile and move onto their next candidate.

Writing a catchy, unique headline will help you stand out from the crowd, and encourage people to reach out to connect with you.

Tips to Write a Great Headline for Your Dating Profile

Writing a great dating site headline doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need to be an award winning writer, or even a great one!

We’ve compiled our top five tips which are sure to help you in creating or revamping your profile to showcase your personality in it’s best light!

1. Keep it simple

Use language which is simple and relatable to the average person. There’s nothing wrong with using a bit of jargon to attract people with shared interests (eg. Realtor looking for someone to invest in a shared life with.), but try to keep your language simple.

2. Think about your energy

If you’re a bubbly, energetic person, try to reflect this in your headline. Use positive language and don’t be afraid of exclamation marks (!). On the other hand, try not to show cynicism (even if it’s through a humorous lens).

Most people know online dating comes with it’s fair share of challenges, but we all continue with it because we still have hope that our match is out there- no one wants to date someone who’s given up!

Remember, the energy you project in your headline can determine the kind of people who continue on to read your full profile.

3. Be genuine

There’s no point pretending to be someone you’re not. All that will lead to is wasted time and frustration. If you’re serious about meeting your future match, your profile should reflect your true personality, and this starts with an authentic headline.

To bounce off Tip 1, you might want to use some keywords which showcase your interests, but if the thought of stepping outside makes you sick, it’s probably best to steer clear of calling yourself ‘adventurous’.

4. Don’t treat it like a resume

While it’s super impressive that you own a tech startup, your dating profile headline probably isn’t the place to advertise this. Sure, it’s something you’ll be sure to mention in your bio, but no one wants to date someone who seems intimidating because of their success.

If your occupation genuinely is a huge part of who you are, consider using language to leave people wondering what it is you do. This can act as a great conversation starter, and it doesn’t make you look arrogant or unavailable to anyone who doesn’t have the same job as you.

5. Enlist help if you’re stuck

Struggling to find the perfect way to describe yourself? Why not enlist the help of a close friend or relative? The great thing about this is that they know you from an outsider’s perspective, meaning they’re able to see the things in you that your future partner will see when they get to know you too.

Ask your trusted person to describe you using 5 words, and then turn your favorite(s) into a sentence or two for your profile headline. You could even start with ‘My friends say I’m…’

Example Dating Site Headlines

Still finding it difficult to write the perfect headline? Check out our suggestions below to help inspire you:

  • I measure my ability to nurture another by the fact that I can keep a houseplant alive for longer than a week.
  • I’m not afraid to order steak on the first date.
  • Coffee enthusiast with a reputation of never being latte.
  • I’ll take candid shots of you looking at the scenery when we go on vacation together.
  • Avid reader looking for someone worth using my bookmark for
  • When I say I’m ‘outdoorsy’, I really mean: ‘I like alfresco dining’
  • Bar hopping is great, but nothing beats a picnic on the beach at sunset.
  • My friends say I’m great at holding a conversation. Do you want to hold my hand?
  • Let’s recreate that scene in every romcom where they spend the afternoon eating ice cream, riding carousels and taking cute pictures together?
  • Genuine girl in search of a guy who loves pizza as much as I do.
  • Easy going guy, looking for great company and someone to go on adventures with.
  • I’ll happily hold your bag for you (but I draw the line at shoes).