How Much is The League?

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Membership costs for The League dating app can be anywhere from $33 a week to $999 a week depending on what plan and features you’re looking for and the amount of time you’re willing to sign on for to get a deal.

It’s one of the more expensive dating apps out there, but many seem to feel that it’s worth the cost. Keep reading to learn about the premium features and membership tiers available.

Quick Cost Breakdown for The League:

  • Cheapest Membership: 1 Week Member ($99.99)
  • Most Expensive Plan: 1 Month VIP ($2,499.99)
  • Best Value: 2 Month Owner ($499.99 a month)
  • Free Trial Available: Yes! (Click here to Claim)

Can You Use The League Without Paying?

Yes, you can use The League for free after getting off the waiting list. If you’d like to check it out, use the link above to claim your free trial to The League. This will allow you to use The League as a “Guest” for as long as you would like.

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How Do You Pay for The League Membership?

You need to create an account on The League before upgrading to one of the paid membership plans. First, go to The League’s website and select “Join the League.” Then, enter your phone number and click “Text Me” to receive an invitation to download the iOS or Android app.

the league app

Once you receive the text, click on the link to download The League dating app. Then, launch the app and click “New User” to set up your account. After that, you’ll need to tap “Find Me Love” if you want to land dates or “I’m Not Single,” if you hope to build your social network.

The League is an exclusive dating app, so you’ll need to verify your account via SMS or Facebook next. Then, you’ll go on The League’s waiting list as a Guest (free member).

Finally, you’ll be ready to subscribe and pay for a membership to The League. Scroll down the page and tap “Join the League” to open up the subscription options. Choose one of the three plans and pay through the App Store or Google Play. The League will charge your default payment method.

The App Store accepts the following payment methods:

  • Apple Card
  • Apply Pay
  • Apple Cash
  • PayPal
  • Apple Account balance
  • Most credit and debit cards

If you use an Android device, you can connect one of the following payment methods to your account:

  • American Express
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • PayPal
  • Google Pay
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Comparing Memberships – Guest, Member, Owner, Investor, and VIP

the league features

You can use The League for free with a Guest membership. As a Guest, you will receive the following features:

  • 3 Daily Prospects
  • Up to 3 Video Dates at 8 pm. on Sundays
  • Access to groups and events
  • Hide your profile from coworkers
  • Add videos to your profile
  • Option to pay for a Profile Boost

If you want to unlock more features, you’ll need to pay for a Member, Owner, or Investor subscription. All premium subscriptions will allow you to:

  • Move to the front of the waitlist
  • Review extra daily prospects
  • Receive additional batch prospects upon purchase
  • Go on more weekly speed dates
  • Edit introductory messages
  • Have priority access to League Live
  • Promote events to groups
  • Create groups and events
  • View read receipts
  • Pre-block users
  • Search users by handle
  • Customize profiles, bio, and hide your age
  • Update professional and education information
  • Set family planning preferences
  • See personal profile stats
  • View past prospects and likes
  • Search for prospects in multiple cities
  • Send intro notes to matches
  • Gain exposure with a free profile boost

So, that’s what the Member, Owner, Investor, and VIP plans have in common, but what sets them apart? Each subscription includes a different number of Video Dates, daily prospects, and extra batch matches. Plus, the Owner and Investor plans come with additional premium features.

The League Member Membership Pricing Options

Let’s break it down, starting with the Member subscription. As a Member, you’ll have all the previous features, along with:

  • 5 daily prospects
  • Up to 5 Video Dates a week
  • 5 extra batch prospects upon purchase
  • Get matches from 2 city locations.

The League Owner Membership Pricing Options

The Owner plan is a step up from the Member subscription. As an Owner, you’ll receive:

  • 6 daily prospects
  • Up to 6 weekly Video Dates
  • 6 extra batch prospects upon purchase
  • Detailed read recipes
  • Unlimited Power Moves, rematches, and undoes
  • Unlimited rematches
  • X-ray Vision (see if a prospect has already liked your profile)
  • Get matches from 3 city locations.

The League Investor Membership Pricing Options

With The League’s Investor plan you’ll notice a pretty significant price jump. From here on up you will start to access elite perks that are not available on the previous plans we’ve discussed. If you upgrade to Investor status, you’ll receive all the previous features, plus:

  • 7 daily prospects
  • Up to 7 weekly Video Dates
  • 7 extra batch prospects upon purchase
  • Pre-select Video Dates
  • Free Power Move Notes
  • Access to full list of likes
  • Private profile until sending a like
  • View likes in real time instead of waiting for Happy Hour
  • Unlock warm Intros
  • Get matches from 4 city locations.

Ultimately, We think that the Owner plan is the best value. Features like Power Moves and rematches can help you make more connections. Plus, the Owner plan is lot cheaper than the Investor plan while offering many of the same features. But if you want to get the absolute most our of The League Membership, there is one final option with more features than any other…

The League VIP Membership Pricing Options

That’s right! The League is now offering a new membership tier called VIP which costs $2,499 a month. If you subscribe to be a VIP member you will receive all the previously mentioned features as well as:

  • 8 daily prospects
  • Up to 8 weekly Video Dates
  • 8 extra batch prospects upon purchase
  • Get matches from 10 city locations.
  • Unlock the Instant Match features
  • Get a VIP badge on your profile
  • Have a dedicated concierge.

It certainly offers a lot of unique value, but we recognize that most users are not going to be able to afford to pay $625+ to use The League dating app.

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Do The League Memberships Renew Automatically?

Yes, premium subscriptions to The League automatically renew each month until canceled. If you want to cancel your paid membership, go to your subscriptions in Google Play or the App Store, select The League, and cancel the membership.

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Is The League Membership Worth It?

Absolutely! The League is an excellent choice if you’re young, ambitious, and have high standards. However, most members are between the ages of 25-35, so it can be hard to get matches if you’re in you’re 40 or older. It can even be a challenge when you get deeper into your 30s.

Fortunately, EliteSingles is the best dating app for professionals in their 30s and beyond. Most of the members are between 30-55, so it picks up where The League drops off. Plus, it’s quite a bit cheaper than The League, so you can save your money for your dates.

We recommend that you try EliteSingles for free if you’re a professional in your 30s or above.

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