Best Dating Apps for 30s

Finding love in your 30s doesn’t have to feel like pushing a boulder up a hill! With the right dating apps designed for 30 somethings, finding that special man or woman can start to feel more like a piece of cake. But the key part of this is using the right dating apps. Stay tuned as we walk you through a list of the best dating apps for 30 year olds, and share how you can ensure you make the right pick for you.

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1. Elite Singles

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With just under 400k new users joining the site monthly, Elite Singles became a contender for our #1 slot on the list of the best dating apps for 30s. But when we found out that the largest percentage of users are in their 30s and over 85% of the user have an above-average education—we were excited. If you like educated singles, young professionals, creatives, and movers and shakers who are in their late 20s, 30s, and early 40s—you have to check out Elite Singles.

2. eHarmony

eHarmony Homepage Screenshot

Many singles in their 30s are ready to settle down and find something more serious. If that sounds like your goal, eHarmony is the number one option for you. With a plethora of singles in their 30s looking for marriage or committed dating, there really isn’t a better spot for you right now. On the whole, eHarmony is responsible for at least 2 million marriages and still stands as one of the most popular dating apps in the US and the world.

3. Zoosk

Zoosk Homepage Screenshot

With 35 million users, Zoosk tends to be a great option for the best dating apps for just about any category or list you can think of. And when you’re in your 30s, that’s no different! One of the reasons we love including Zoosk on our lists is that it’s multi-purpose (kind of like a Swiss Army Knife). It’s great for people looking for serious relationships, but it’s also good for casual dating or for 30 somethings who aren’t quite sure what they’re looking for.

4. Higher Bond

Higher Bond Homepage Banner

For Christian singles, our next two options are going to be right up your alley. If you’re looking for more serious Christian dating, Higher Bond may be what you’re looking for. The site launched in 2022 and leads off by having all matches go through a 35-question matching questionnaire that looks at their faith, views on relationships, finances, communication, and lifestyle.

If you sign up now, you get locked in for a free 3-month membership!

5. Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle Homepage

If you’re looking for a mix of casual and serious Christian dating, Christian Mingle may be the right option for you now. Filled with Christian singles in their 30s, it’s a great option to meet a lot of people quickly. Compared with Higher Bond, you do a lot more of the searching and matchmaking yourself. If that sounds like your ideal way of doing things and you have the time, give the 15 million users on Christian Mingle a visit.

6. The League

The League Dating App Homepage Screenshot

Want to hang out with all the cool kids in their 30s? If you do, then The League dating app has your name on it. What The League tries to do is curate a userbase of up and comers, young professionals, and people who have really crushed life (more specifically crushed it on paper). As you might imagine, this tends to cut out some of the much younger users and dials in on those in their 30s and 40s, which makes it a great option. Heads up, though—expect to have to wait in line to even be considered for an invite!

7. Bumble

Bumble Homepage Banner

You may have heard of Bumble as the app that has women make the first move, and you would be right. Your views on this will determine if you feel like this is a good option for you or not. That being said, there is a ton of anecdotal evidence that Bumble has a large percentage of its users within the over 30 community. If you like swipe-style dating and are okay with the women always make the first move, then give it a check.

8. Catholic Match

Catholic Match Homepage Banner

For Catholic singles in their 30s, you’ve got a few options. You can have a ton of luck on mainstream apps like Elite Singles and eHarmony. Or, if you want a Catholic-only environment, you can check out Catholic Match. Easily the number one Catholic dating app on the market, the site boasts a 100% Catholic userbase and support from many Church leaders. If you’re not Catholic, you’ll obviously not like this option. But if you are, give it a go!

Table of Contents:

Reasons We Chose These Sites

In your 20s, your choices probably revolved more around your emotions, impulses, and what felt best—and that’s okay. Now that you’re a whole decade older, though, you should be looking to make more calculated decisions. In light of this, we wanted to share our calculated process for choosing these as the best dating apps for 30s.

Here are a few of the factors we weighed most heavily in our decision-making process.

Demographics and Diversity

Unless you’re looking to date way outside of your age bracket, you’re probably looking for other singles in either their late 20s, 30s, or early 40s. Because of this, the best 30s dating apps actually have a high concentration of singles from about the 25-45 year old range.

Additionally, it goes without saying that people have unique interests when it comes to who they want to date. Because of this, it’s imperative that dating site options offer a wide array of different types of singles from different backgrounds, walks of life, and interests.

Quality and Quantity

Singles who are the right age are important to the quality of a dating app. However, there is more that goes into it than just being alive the right number of years. The best 30 year old dating apps have a lot of singles in this age range (quantity) and they’re the types of people you’d be excited to connect with (quality).

In-Line With Your Goals

Most singles in their 30s are starting to look for something that could turn into something a little more serious. Yes, some singles still keep the same goals of casual dating from their 20s, but it drops off pretty heavily into this age bracket.

Because of this, you’ll see that our list of 30s dating apps are more targeted toward serious and committed relationships. You may be able to find some casual dating on a site like Zoosk, but that’s about it. If you’re still looking to live like your 20, stick with Tinder.

A Deeper Regard for Substance

Building on the previous point, these dating apps understand that finding something more serious means getting to know your matches at a deeper level. What this means is they have more robust profiles offering more ways to share who you are, what makes you unique, and what you’re looking for. You can only learn so much about someone from swiping through a few pictures and a short tagline.

Able to Keep Up With Your Mobility

If you’re in your 30s and not busy all the time, please teach us your ways. Because most of us are quite busy and on the go, it’s imperative that the top dating apps for your 30s are able to come along with you. This means either a kick-butt mobile-responsive dating site or top-notch downloaded dating apps available on all major platforms.

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The Ultimate Guide to Dating Over 30

Dating in your 30s is a completely different beast than what it was in your 20s. Sure, you’re just another year older, but a lot is going to change. The pressure from family, the goals of other singles, the size of the dating pool, and how this all interacts with your busy schedule—this is just the tip of the iceberg.

But have no fear! We have the ideal resource to help you navigate these new waters and find success and happiness dating in your 30s. If you’re ready to get equipped with all of the necessary information, we’d invite you to check out our dating over 30 guide now.

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How to Select the Perfect Dating Site for Your 30s

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming trying to figure out how to get started in online dating even if you’ve done it before. To try and simplify the process, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process from start to finish.

1. Figure out exactly what (and who) you’re looking for.

Knowing what you want and the types of singles you’re looking for is key to selecting a dating app that fits your needs. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to figure that out:

  • Are you looking to settle into something more serious or stick to casual dating?
  • Do you only want to date singles also in their 30s, or are you open to older or younger singles?
  • Do you care if your matches work in particular industries or fields?
  • Do you have a lot of (or a little) time to dedicate to the dating process?
  • Do you want a lot of help (or a little) finding your matches?

2. Determine a few sites that support your wants and needs.

Based on your answers to the previous question, you may be able to get a better idea of which 30s dating apps to try first. For more serious dating, eHarmony is probably the best pick. For casual dating or somewhere in between, Zoosk or Elite Singles is probably best. And if you want to date young professionals who care about their career, Elite Singles all the way.

3. Get cozy with the free trials.

There’s a reason we put a lot of free trial links on this page. When you’re in your 30s, you probably have a lot of goals, including financial ones. Because of that, you don’t need to go out joining 15 online dating apps to try and find the right one. That can get expensive.

Instead, take advantage of these options to sign up for free and check things out. It’s an incredible way to find what you want before pulling out your wallet or purse.

4. Make a selection and go for it.

Once you’ve settled on one or two 30s dating apps you like, it’s time to upgrade. Paying for a dating subscription goes a long way to weeding out the flaky people, scammers, and fake accounts. Remember, it’s not a tax, it’s payment for a service that comes with a lot of useful perks.

5. Follow our additional tips.

In the next section, we’re going to talk about a few things that you need to do alongside these steps to get the best results. Take a few minutes and read along with us!

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Tips to Get the Most Out of Online Dating Apps After 30

As mentioned, we wanted to include a few quick tips about how to get the absolute most out of dating apps after 30. Regardless of if you’re early 30s or late 30s, these tips should resonate and bring you the success you’re looking for.

  • Be patiently optimistic. – Understand that the process of finding someone special will take time, but also be excited that with online dating you very well may reach that goal a whole heck of a lot faster.
  • Always trust your gut. – If a site feels off to you, choose another one. That being said, if you are brand new to online dating altogether, understand that every site will feel a bit awkward at first.
  • Join multiple sites. – There’s nothing wrong with casting a wide net and joining a few dating apps for 30 year olds. More than two or three is probably overkill, though.
  • Put in the effort. – You have to do your part to see success! Make sure you write a great dating profile and ensure you’re sending great first messages.
  • Have a plan to reassess. – After a few weeks or months, take some time to reassess your success. If you’re meeting good matches but just not the right one yet, stick with the current plan. If you’ve found nothing but duds, consider trying out a different dating site.
  • Seek outside counsel with caution. – Asking your friends for help and recommendations can be a great idea. However, be wary of someone who equates one bad experience with a person to a site being completely bad. One person does not make or break the quality of a dating app for 30 year olds.
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Dating Site for 30s FAQ

What is the best dating app for 30 year olds?

The best dating app for 30 year olds is Elite Singles. The close runner ups for the accolade are eHarmony, Zoosk, and Higher Bond.

Is 30 too old for dating apps?

Absolutely not! In fact, 30 year olds are some of the most active users on many dating platforms. Anyone who tells you that you’re too old is just plain wrong.

Is 35 too old for dating apps?

No, 35 is not too old for using online dating apps. Many users up into their 80s continue to use online dating apps, which means 35 makes you still super young in the grand scheme. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re too old to use dating apps.

Do people in their 30s use dating apps?

Yes, lots of singles in their 30s use dating apps. It’s quickly becoming one of the most popular ways that single men and single women in this age bracket meet, connect, and find new relationships because of the convenience and time saving.

What’s the best way to meet someone in your 30s?

The best way to meet someone for dating in your 30s is through online dating. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can always try having friends set you up, looking at work, or going to bars at night or during happy hour.

Is Tinder good for 30 year olds?

If you’re still looking to live the life of your 20s and casually date and hookup, Tinder is probably still a good option for you. However, if you’re looking for something with a little more substance, we recommend checking out a dating app more suited to those goals.