Best Colombian Dating Apps

With over 50 million people, you’d think finding eligible singles in Columbia would be easy. And in the past, it was. You could walk into a nightclub or go to a festival and leave with a date. But these days, Colombian singles are ditching the old methods and replacing them with dating apps.

But some apps are full of fake profiles, so no matter how often you swipe, you’ll come up empty. Fortunately, you can avoid that frustration by using the best Colombian dating apps. Get the scoop so you can find that special someone for casual or long-term dating.

4 Best Colombian Dating Apps

RankingDating AppClaim Trial
#1ColumbianCupidTry Freeeharmony logo
#2eHarmonyTry Freeeharmony logo
#3CatholicMatchTry FreeCatholic Match logo
#4ZooskTry FreeZoosk logo

ColombianCupid – Best App for Columbians Searching for Love Overseas

Columbian Cupid Homepage

Have you ever watched “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days?” If so, you’re probably familiar with ColombianCupid. During Season 2, an American man (Ricky) used it to connect with two Colombian women and traveled overseas to meet one in person.

Now, we don’t recommend stringing two women along with the promise of marriage. That rarely ends well, and it sure didn’t for Ricky. But while his method backfired, we can report that lots of men and women find true love on ColombianCupid.

So, lots of the members have the same goal as Ricky. They want to pair up with someone from another country, get married, and live outside Colombia. But don’t worry if you’re looking for local love. You’ll also find lots of Colombian singles that want to stay put.

Because it’s a local and international dating site, members can put what they’re looking for on their profiles. It’s right at the top of the profile, so you’ll know if someone wants to relocate and where they want their matches to live in an instant.

But a willingness to relocate is just part of what makes someone a good match. Keep scrolling to see what you have in common. ColombianCupid highlights shared interests in green, so if your screen looks like a Christmas tree, you’ll want to reach out to the person.

You can get started for free, although you’ll need to pay to unlock features like reverse and mutual matches. Still, set up your free account today to check it out.

eHarmony – Best Dating App for Colombians Seeking Commitment

eHarmony Homepage Screenshot

With Colombian marriage rates declining, you might think that singles aren’t into commitment. But at the same time, cohabitation is on the rise, so commitment is still a big deal to Colombians. They’re just going about it differently than they did in the past.

And as you know, compatibility is the key to maintaining a long-term relationship, whether you get married or not. If you share interests and your personalities mesh, you can expect it to work out from one year to the next. On the other hand, if your personalities are like oil and water, you’ll break up before you know it.

If you want to find long-lasting love on a dating app, eHarmony is the best choice. You’ll need to set aside about 20 minutes to complete your profile, but it’s worth every second.

See, each answer provides eHarmony with more info about how you see the world, react to situations, and process information. And you’ll also let the dating app know what you like and don’t like, so it will get a complete picture of who you are.

After you finish, eHarmony will use the 32 dimensions of compatibility model to bring back matches. Most if not all of your matches will be looking for something serious, so starting a long-term relationship won’t be a problem. And once you partner up, it should go smoothly thanks to the compatibility-based matching algorithm.

This might be the most thorough of the dating apps, but it’s free to join. Sign up today so you can start searching for a long-term romantic partner.

Zoosk – Best Colombian Dating App for Romantic, Passionate Singles

Zoosk Homepage Screenshot

Colombians know how to bring passion and romance to relationships. It’s not unusual for men and women to wear their feelings on their sleeves and shower their partners with compliments and gifts. And while that’s easy to do in the real world, it’s a little harder on most dating sites.

Notice we said, “most” and not “all”. And that’s because of Zoosk.

Once you create a profile on Zoosk, you can take part in Zoosk Live. It has live streaming, speed dating, and other cool features, but that’s not what grabbed our attention.

See, you can send virtual gifts to live streamers to catch their eye. It’s a simple way to add some romance to your online dating life, and even though the gifts are virtual, recipients can cash them out for real money. They just need to convert them to diamonds before walking away with the funds.

Now, that’s a way to add some Latin romantic flair to your digital dating life. It also makes it easy to stand out among the less passionate singles.

While Zoosk Live is our favorite feature, it’s far from the only reason we think this is one of the best Colombian dating apps. It also has more than 40 million users around the world looking for casual flings all the way to marriage. With so many members, the odds are in your favor when using this dating site.

You can use a lot of the features for free, so head over to set up your Zoosk profile today.

Catholic Match – Best Dating App for Religious Colombians

Catholic Match Homepage Banner

If you were born and raised in Colombia or grew up with a Colombian family, there’s a good chance you’re religious. Around 80 percent of Colombians are Catholic, and many prioritize the church. That’s true, even when dating.

With so many Catholics in Colombia, you’d think you could just walk out your door and find someone to date. And while you might find an option or two, you’re looking for true love, which means it’s time to check out CatholicMatch.

We love the way the app asks specific questions about your religious beliefs when signing up. Some Catholics don’t follow all the church’s teachings, so this lets you match with someone with the same views. And you can also find a match with shared interests, leading to long-term happiness.

Are you interested in finding a Catholic single for a long-term relationship? You can get started by creating a free profile on Catholic Match.

Reasons We Love These Columbian Dating Apps

  • Access to Singles Around the World – You can browse for singles in Colombia and other countries on these dating apps. Whether you want to stick close to home or you’re interested in relocating, your match is waiting on our favorite Colombian dating sites.
  • Singles with Various Relationship Goals – No matter if you want a short-term fling or a long-term relationship, you can find it on these dating apps. All of the top apps have singles looking for serious relationships, while Zoosk has the most casual daters.
  • Scam Prevention – You have to be wary of scams, especially if you’re dating internationally. Fortunately, the best Colombian dating apps crack down on scammers to keep singles safe.
  • Video Chats – It’s hard to connect over text, so we selected dating apps that offer video chatting. You can see if there’s a spark after reaching out on video.
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Niche Colombian Dating Apps

Colombia Social – If you want to spend your time weeding through fake profiles, this is the site for you. Plus, the distance filters don’t work very well, and it has few active users.

Colombia Lady – This dating site has a creepy, mail-order-bride feel to it. Add the poor site design and lack of features, and it’s clear it isn’t worth using.

Colombia Girl – Don’t waste your time on this dating app. It’s the same as Colombia Lady, down to the URL you’re directed to after signing up. It’s just a ploy to get more users, but that doesn’t seem to be working very well.

ColombiaCitas – You also won’t find many active users on ColombiaCitas. It also suffers from an outdated design, so you’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time in the worst way possible.

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Where Can You Find Colombian Singles in the U.S.?

Do you want to meet Columbian men or women in the United States? With over a million Colombians living in the country, that won’t be a problem. And since around half are unmarried, you can do more than meet one or two. If you connect, you can also take them out on dates and pursue a relationship.

While you can find Columbians throughout the United States, you’ll have the most success if you look in Florida, New York, and New Jersey.

Do you want to stick to a single state when looking? Use online dating apps to find Columbian singles in Florida. More than 30 percent of the U.S. Colombian population lives there. With such a high number of options, you can match with people looking for casual and serious relationships.

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Tips to Avoid Colombian Dating Scams

International dating between singles in the United States and Colombia is very common. Often, these romances go off without a hitch, and the couples thrive in the real world. Sometimes, though, singles encounter scammers.

Because of the distance that comes with international dating, scammers don’t have to worry as much about getting tracked down in person. But fortunately, you don’t need to track them down. Instead, you can avoid them altogether.

First, never send compromising pictures, even if you’ve made a real connection. Some scammers use the pics for blackmail, so it’s best to keep your steamy photos to yourself. And anyway, it’s nice to leave something to the imagination before meeting in person.

Also, don’t overshare your personal information. For instance, don’t give your first and last name and address after a conversation or two. Get to know the person slowly and wait to reveal more about yourself.

Finally, don’t send any money to someone you met online. Wait until you meet in person before trying to help out. Otherwise, a scammer might take you for everything he or she can without even meeting you.

These tips will help you stay safe, so keep them in mind. Then, you can avoid scams while looking for love (or a casual fling).

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How to Navigate International Dating Online

Are you going to use one of the best Colombian dating apps to meet someone overseas? International dating is a little different from traditional online dating. But you don’t have to worry about a thing if you follow these tips.

First, we recommend sticking to one of the dating apps on our list. Other sites are full of scammers, reducing your chances of making a real connection. We vetted each of the recommended apps, so we know they have real singles looking for everything from flings to marriage.

You also need to think about the language barrier when dating internationally. If you connect with people that speak another language, you’ll have to find a way to communicate. You can use translation apps to overcome the language barrier.

Next, it’ll probably be a while before you can meet in person. With that in mind, consider using the video chat feature on these sites so your relationship can continue to grow. You can even take it a step further with Zoosk and eHarmony since both offer virtual date options.