Best Latino Dating Apps

Do you want to cuddle up with a new love interest, but everyone else seems to be saying “mi amor” to their phones? With mobile phone use and internet access sweeping through Latin America, some people are checked out of the real world. That can make it hard to form connections.

Instead of trying to force connections in public, meet people where they’re at by using the best Latino dating apps. Check out the most popular and successful dating sites to find your plus one.

Our 3 Favorite Latino Dating Apps

RankingDating AppClaim Trial
#1LatinAmericanCupidTry Freeeharmony logo
#2eHarmonyTry Freeeharmony logo
#3Christian MingleTry FreeChristian Mingle logo

LatinAmericanCupid — Best for Expanding Your Horizons

LatinAmericanCupid Homepage screenshot

Does your dating history read like a horror novel? Each new date is worse than the last, and you’re running out of options. Before long, you’re going to have to give in and let your mother set you up with her friend’s third cousin.

OK, that’s a scary thought, and we’re not going to let it happen to you.

You can avoid family matchmaking by using LatinAmericanCupid. With more than five million members across Latin America and the rest of the world, finding a match is as easy as creating an account.

So, there are three types of people that use LatinAmericanCupid.

  • People outside of Latin America that want to meet Latino singles online
  • Latin Americans that are searching for partners in other countries
  • Latin Americans that are looking for partners in the local area

Since this is a little different from most Latina dating sites, it’s important to add your intentions to your profile. After setting it up, go to “Edit Profile” and choose a relocation option. Also, make sure to add where you want your partner to live. You can choose someone in your country or anywhere else in the world.

Easy, right? It’s even easier if you add CupidTags to your profile.

Then, you’ll be front and center when people search for those tags. With the right tags, you’ll be fielding messages all day long.

Are you ready to find love on one of the best Latin American dating apps? Head over to LatinAmericanCupid to set up a free account today.

eHarmony — Best Latino dating app for Sticking to Your Core Values

eHarmony Homepage Screenshot

We spent a lot of time researching the culture and dating style in Latin America before selecting sites. And during that time, we discovered that most Latin Americans live by three core values: familismo, personalismo, and simpatia.

So, these three things mean that Latinos tend to value family connections, forming relationships, and keeping those relationships harmonious and respectful.

Since so many Latin Americans share the same values, you’d think it would be easy to find long-lasting love. But it’s not that simple.

Even if you want the same things as your partner, you won’t be a good match if you don’t have the same communication and relationship style. If you differ in key areas, you’ll end up butting heads until you break up. And by the time the relationship ends, you’ll wonder how you managed to let your values get away from you.

But don’t worry, because this Latino dating app has you covered. You can find the ideal match on eHarmony.  

You’ll start with a personality test that assesses 32 traits that range from your relationship dynamics to your communication style. Then, the dating site will match you to singles that share the same traits so you can avoid those heated fights. At the same time, you’ll live out your values each day through your relationship.

Do you want to stick to your core values while finding love? Set up your free eHarmony account today.

Christian Mingle — Best for Mingling Faith and Love

Christian Mingle Homepage

Did you know that about 40 percent of the world’s Catholics live in Latin America? That comes to more than 425 million Catholics in this region alone. With a statistic like that, you probably expect us to say that CatholicMatch is one of the best Latina dating apps.

We thought about it but realized Christian Mingle is a better choice for Latin Americans.

Now, we have a few reasons for this. First, even though most Latin Americans are Catholic, there’s been a huge uptick in protestants in the region. We don’t want to leave anyone out, so we chose a more inclusive dating site.

And second, Christian Mingle lets you choose your denomination, so you can still identify as Catholic on this Latino dating site. Of course, you can also let people know if you’re protestant or another denomination.  

Finally, it has more than 15 million members compared to around a million on CatholicMatch. Considering there are 33 countries in Latin America and millions upon millions of singles, we figured we’d give you the best chance at finding a love connection.

Create your free account to explore your options today. Then, Christian Mingle will look for matches that share your religious beliefs and interests. Your matches will even complement your personality.

Reasons We Love These Latino Dating Apps

  • Date Throughout Latin America — No matter where you live in Latin America, you can find a match on these sites.
  • Date Internationally — You can go global on these apps, so don’t worry if you’ve burned through the local dating scene.
  • Find People You Mesh With — Looks are great, but why stop there? You can find someone with the whole package on these sites. They match based on personality and interests, so your next partner can be as good-looking as they are fun.
  • Real Latino Singles — You can bypass fake profiles and head straight to love on these apps. Unfortunately, after researching Latina dating apps, we can say that’s not the case with all the apps out there.
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Other Dating Apps for Latinos

Amigos — As part of the FriendFinder network, this is one of the top Latino dating sites out there. It doesn’t have as many members as other apps, but it makes up for it in quality. Be sure to check out the chat rooms after signing up.

AmoLatina — With just around 13,000 members, this has a limited membership base but a lot of activity. Unfortunately, much of that activity is from scammers. — Even though we like the chat feature, it’s hard to find anyone to talk to on this site. There aren’t many members, so you can’t really pick and choose.

LatinFeels — The membership base is small, and there are few features. Another downside is that you have to pay to message people, so we don’t think this is a good fit.

Chispa — We aren’t impressed with Chispa due to the buggy interface, scammers, and R-rated propositions. But the developer seems to be interested in improving it, so we’ll keep an eye on it to see if it gets better.

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Best Latino Dating Sites by Country

So far, we’ve discussed Latin American dating apps that work across the region. But what if you want something a little closer to home? We identified the best spots to meet Latino singles online based on the country.

It’s also worth noting that each app we chose is ideal for local and international dating. So, you can find someone in your home country or match with a partner in America or beyond.

Dominican Republic – DominicanCupid

Dominican Cupid Homepage 1024x360

Charming. Confident. Romantic.

These are just some of the words used to describe Dominican singles. And while people in the DR are down for fun, don’t mistake that for lack of seriousness. Countless singles want long-term relationships but have changed the way they pursue them.

A decade ago, just over ten percent of people in the DR had internet access, so they had to meet partners in the wild. But these days, around 80 percent get online, opening up the door to dating around the world.

At last check, there were around three million single people in the Dominican Republic, and many of them have accounts on DominicanCupid. You can hop on to find someone close by or to explore singles in other countries.

You’ll come across a few more women than men, but it’s pretty balanced on here. Create your free account so you can dive into the fun.

Colombia – ColombianCupid

Columbian Cupid Homepage

Does it feel like you’re the only single person left in Colombia? Well, we have some good news for you. Recent data shows there are around 16 million unmarried men and women in Colombia. And while it might not seem like it, finding them is easier than ever.

Now, let’s back up before we get ahead of ourselves.

About a decade or so ago, less than half the country had internet access, meaning people had to go out to find partners. And while some had success at the beach, nightclubs, and tourist spots, it wasn’t easy.

Fast forward to today, where around 70 percent of Colombians can go online anytime they want. And based on our research, they aren’t just texting their friends and looking up movie times. These days, they’re using Latino dating apps to find partners.

We found out something else during our research: most Colombians want to find matches online but don’t want to pay for memberships.  

That’s why ColombianCupid is such a good fit. A lot of the features are free, so you don’t have to upgrade if you don’t feel like it. Just wait for a paid member to send you a message, and you can respond without upgrading your account.

If you want to use the best dating app for Latin American singles in Colombia, create your free profile on ColombianCupid today. You can browse matches in Colombia or expand your search to find love throughout Latin America or overseas.

Mexico – MexicanCupid

Mexican Cupid Dating App Homepage

Romance is alive and well in Mexico. Couples aren’t afraid to show their affection in public, and partners shower each other with gifts and compliments. With a reputation like that, no wonder so many people want to find Mexican singles to date.

As with other Latin American countries, that was hard in the past. A decade or so ago, just over 30 percent of Mexicans could get online. But these days, it’s closer to 75 percent. And that explains why online dating is exploding here.

These days, many of the country’s estimated 44 million singles use Tinder, but we don’t recommend it. Mexico’s dating culture is more serious than most, and it is a hookup site. If you want to get serious, swipe left on Tinder and head straight to MexicanCupid instead.

MexicanCupid has over 1.5 million members living in Mexico and abroad, and most are interested in something serious. Check out this site for free so you can maintain your values while finding a match.

Brazil – BrazilCupid

Brazil Cupid Homepage

Brazilians are known for being open and gregarious, so it’s pretty easy for them to meet people when they’re out and about. Even a trip to a laundromat can lead to a new friendship. But getting phone numbers from new friends isn’t the same as scoring a date.

We’ve noticed that it’s actually getting harder to find dates in public in Brazil. Internet access is becoming more widespread, with close to 80 percent of the population getting online. And, around seventy percent of them use the internet daily.

And do you know what they’re doing on their phones and computers? Looking for dates. That explains why those laundromat conversations never lead to something more.

We set out to discover what site has the most Brazilian singles and landed on BrazilCupid. Many of the country’s estimated 64 million singles use it to find love, and you’ll also come across members from other countries.

Do you need another reason to join? You can create a profile and find your match for free. Give it a test drive by signing up today.

Latin American Dating Apps to Avoid

While not as common, you might come across a pay-per-letter (PPL) Latino dating site. This means you’ll have to pay a fee for every message you send, and your match won’t communicate off the app.

So, basically, you’ll pony up some cash for every “hola” and “adiós.”

But the money isn’t the only problem. Often, these sites are just scams. You probably won’t even be talking to the person you think you are. Fortunately, you can keep your money and your sanity you sticking to one of our recommended apps.

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Using Latino Dating Apps in the US

If you live in the U.S., you can look for love in Latin America or closer to home. Over 62 million Hispanics and Latinos live here, and the population seems to be growing by the day. 

And get this — around half the adult population isn’t married. Now, you just need to swoop in and find your special someone.

If you want the most opportunities, set your dating app to look for singles in New York City. With over 2.2 million Hispanics and Latinos, you can sort through profiles and be as choosy as you want.

Are you more of a West Coast dater? Then, Los Angeles, California, is calling your name. Over 1.8 million Hispanics and Latinos live here, making up around half the city’s population. And since many of them are single, you just need to reach out and form a connection.