Best Dating Sites for Music Lovers

Whether you’re on the stage or in the crowd, music is your lifeblood, and you want to find someone that shares your passion. As easy as that sounds, you’ve probably hit roadblocks when looking for love online. It’s like all the music-minded people are hiding under rocks, and you can’t find them.

Well, we’ve uncovered those rocks and identified the five best dating sites for music lovers and musicians. Let’s dig into the details so you can find singles that are singing the same tune.

5 Best Musician (and Music Lover) Dating Apps

RankingDating AppClaim Trial
#1eHarmonyTry Freeeharmony logo
#2ZooskTry FreeZoosk logo
#3EliteSinglesTry FreeElite Singles logo
#4The LeagueTry FreeThe League logo
#5Christian MingleTry FreeChristian Mingle logo

eHarmony – Best for Bonding Over Music

eHarmony Homepage Screenshot

Are you tired of jamming out alone and want to find someone that’s just as passionate about music as you are? If you want to bond over tunes, eHarmony is the way to go, thanks to the newly launched Video Date feature.

While some dating apps make users select from a list of ideas when going on virtual dates, you can create your own date here. As a music lover, consider spending the time playing music for each other during the date.

And don’t worry that you’ll annoy your match. eHarmony’s 32 dimensions match model pairs singles based on compatibility, so your match will love your date idea. In fact, you’ll never have to go solo again.

See how it works by setting up a free profile today.

Zoosk – Best for Finding Music Lovers Hitting the Same Notes

Zoosk Homepage Screenshot

If you’re a musician or music lover, you probably know that the dating landscape is a bit different on this side of the stage. Up-and-coming musicians work long hours, travel a lot, and don’t have a ton of money. Because of that, they typically want something casual and fun.

But once they make a name for themselves, many musicians are ready to explore serious connections. They want to share their success and have a support system, so they often leave casual flings behind.

Some dating apps only attract singles open to casual or long-term dating, but you can do it all on Zoosk. This dating app has over 40 million singles looking for various types of connections. Whether you’re an up-and-comer and want something casual, or you’ve hit your stride and are searching for a forever partner, you’ll find your match here.

Check it out by setting up a free profile today. Then, you can connect with music-minded singles that are looking for fun, love, or something in between.

Elite Singles – Best for Established Musicians and Enthusiasts

Elite Singles Homepage Screenshot

Have you hit the big time as a musician and want to find a partner that’s as driven as you are? It takes a ton of work to become successful in the musical field, and you want a match of your caliber. While that’s hard to find on hookup apps like Tinder, ambitious singles will fly into your inbox on Elite Singles.

As one of the best dating sites for music lovers and musicians, it attracts the cream of the crop. Some of the members are musicians, while others are CEOs, attorneys, and other high-powered professionals. Regardless of the profession, you can expect to meet top performers on the app.

That being said, you don’t want to end up with a stuffy professional, do you? No worries, since Elite Singles gives members access to their matches’ personality profiles. The profiles include a lot of data, including how open and adventurous people are. An open, adventurous match is sure to hit all the right notes.   

Even though this app is for powerful, successful singles, you can sign up for free. Head over to find others that are ready to go after what they want.

The League – Best for Connecting Over Music Online and IRL  

The League Dating App Homepage Screenshot

Are you tired of coming across people that like but don’t love music? You want to find others that live, eat, and dream it, and that’s what you’ll get on The League. It’s all about helping people connect over the things they love the most, including music.

So, for starters, you can join groups once you’re part of The League. There are options for just about everything, including live music. You can also participate in one of The League’s events or create your own. For instance, you can set up an event to see a concert in your area.

Whether you’re talking in a group or out in the wild, you can expect real connections on here. First, though, create your free account to become part of The League.

Christian Mingle – Best for Sharing Faith and Music

Christian Mingle Homepage

Is your love of music rooted in your faith? Maybe you’re trying to get your break in the Christian music scene or love singing hymns at church. While non-religious singles might not understand your passion, you’ll find like-minded matches on Christian Mingle.

But what if you aren’t into the Christian music scene, but your faith is still vital? The site is open to all music lovers, and you can even select your favorite genre when signing up. And while the site focuses on religion and personality more than music, you can find a life-long companion that loves tunes as much as you.

Are you ready to mix faith, music, and love? Create your free Christian Mingle account today.

Reasons We Love These Dating Apps for Music Lovers

  • Members with Various Musical Tastes: Do you live for rock or consider yourself more of an indie darling? No matter your musical taste or style, you’ll find singles playing your song on these dating sites for music lovers.  
  • Personality and Interest-Based Matching: Music might take up a big part of your life, but there’s still more to you than notes and lyrics. Our favorite sites focus on personality and interests when connecting singles, so you can make genuine connections that go beyond the notes on the page.
  • Showcase Your Creativity: These dating apps let you add lots of photos and talk about your passions. We love that musicians and fans can let their musical sides show when setting up profiles and connecting with matches.
  • Match on the Go: You never know where the next gig will take you, so you need an app that can travel. Our favorite sites have mobile versions, so take your love life with you to concerts.
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Dating Apps Made Just for Music Lovers

Are you looking for some dating apps geared toward musicians and music lovers? We’ve picked some of the top apps and virtual communities. While these will do in a pinch, they don’t have as many users as the mainstream apps, and they’re light on features, too.

Vinylly – You can find matches based on your Spotify streaming history with Vinylly. After connecting, you can attend virtual concerts with your match through the app. It’s a cool concept, but with few users, it still needs to catch on to become a game changer.

POM – POM stands for Power of Music, and it’s a music-first dating app. It connects people based on their love of music, and you can share your favorite tunes through the app. Plus, it keeps track of events that members love. And while these are some great reasons to download and use the app, there’s one thing holding us back. Right now, it only has around 100,000 members, so it’s hard to find singles to jam with in your area.

Tastebuds – This dating app matches people based on musical tastes and lets users send songs to break the ice. Unfortunately, it only has around 500,000 users around the world, so you might not find many available singles in your area.

Turn Up – This is another niche app that matches people based on musical tastes, and the playlist test feature is really neat. Unfortunately, the userbase is so small that you’ll feel like you’ve clicked on every profile in a few minutes. Still, we look forward to seeing if this app takes off in the future.  

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Should You Keep Your Career a Secret when Dating Online?

Have you made it as a musician? Maybe you’re rocking out at the local watering hole or have a role in the orchestra. Either way, you’re proud of yourself and excited to find a match that supports your career.  

But here’s the thing… As proud as you are, it’s wise to keep the details to yourself when creating your online profile. Sure, you can say you’re a musician, but don’t give the band name. Otherwise, some singles might see it on your profile and hunt you in the wild instead of sticking to online dating.

If you keep the details to yourself at first, you can form genuine connections online. Then, once you’re ready to take it into the real world, you can divulge the info.

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Red Flags for Single Musicians Dating Online

You’ve been a hit on the stage, and now, you’re ready to win at love. In order to come out a winner, you need to find an online match that fits your lifestyle. That’s why we’ve come up with some red flags that show your match isn’t ready to share the stage with a musician.

First, jealousy is a huge red flag. While that’s true in any relationship, you really need to be careful as a musician. You don’t want to worry about your partner getting jealous when fans throw themselves at you, so it’s best to cut ties early.

Also, it’s a red flag if your match isn’t flexible. You never know when a hit song will come into your head, so you’ll need to get to work instead of going out on a date. Plus, jam sessions and concerts run late, so a rigid personality isn’t a good fit.

Do you want your match to hit the road with you? If so, not wanting to travel is a big red flag. While it might work at first, you could end up getting lonely on the road. That’s why it’s a good idea to discuss travel styles before letting things go too far.

And finally, does your match only want to talk about your music? As nice as that is for the ego, you could have a groupie on your hands. This messes up the power dynamics of a relationship, so consider it a red flag.

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Creating a Profile as a Music Lover

You can find lots of like-minded singles when using one of the best dating sites for music lovers. Downloading the right app is just step one, though. You also need to create a killer profile to let people know how important music is to you.

The headline is a great place to show off your musical side. Consider using a line from a song as your headline. It should be something that resonates with other music lovers while also highlighting your personality.

Next, include music when adding interests to your profile. You can keep it simple or get specific with the type of music you like. And if you want to get deeper, include a sentence or two about what music means to you.

You can also add some music-themed photos. For instance, a picture of you next to your record collection will stand out to others that enjoy music.

After you get everything set up, get ready to attract lots of singles. That’s easy to do when using one of the best dating sites for music lovers.