How to Meet Singles in Las Vegas – 7 Places and Apps That Work

Las Vegas, aka Sin City, is one of the most unique dating scenes on the entire planet (and even saying that feels like an understatement). You have this collision of tourists and visitors coming and looking for casual fun running headfirst into a city of locals looking to find some semblance of a real relationship with someone who isn’t here just for the weekend.

So, how and where do you meet singles in Las Vegas if you’re a tourist and how do you meet singles in Las Vegas if you’re a local? We’re going to get into that in this guide. Additionally, we’ll share some awesome tips and tricks to ensure you give yourself the best opportunity to meet the right people and for the same relationship goals you’re looking for.

Best Las Vegas Dating Apps

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The Top 7 Places to Meet Singles in Vegas:

1. The Strip – Best Option for Tourists or Finding Tourists

Photo of Las Vegas Strip

Any list on where to meet singles in Las Vegas that doesn’t start with The Strip is just wrong. Sure, it’s not a great option for locals looking to meet other locals, but it just might be the largest concentration of single people on the planet. At literally any hour, of any day, of any month, you can simply walk around The Strip and you’re going to see thousands of singles.

  • While our tip is “go to the Strip”, at least have a plan of where you might want to go. We’re big fans of lounges, high-trafficked walkways, and bars that are interactive or out on the street.
  • For locals: Do not go here expecting to find love or a serious relationship unless you meet someone who works there. Tourists are here…and then they are gone.
  • For tourists: Don’t just plan to meet singles at night like you might in other cities. People are meeting and mingling at all hours of the day, not just at bars and clubs.

2. Local Bars and Happy Hours – Best In-Person Option for Locals

The Golden Tiki Bar Las Vegas

If you’re a local, we don’t have to tell you that there are bars, clubs, and any other kind of drinking establishment you can think of off The Strip. For locals, this is a great way to meet single men and women without all the commotion (and prices) of the tourist trap areas.

  • Happy hours > late nights if you’re looking to actually have a conversation with someone who isn’t just a party animal.
  • Do your research and ask your friends and coworkers for recommendations. Places like The Golden Tiki or PKWY Tavern (they have games you can play) are awesome spots to meet people.

3. Las Vegas Dating Apps – Best Overall for Locals

Couple Enjoying a Romantic Date at Home

In a town with so many people coming in and out, technology is your friend when it comes to meeting singles in Las Vegas. Dating apps allow you to quickly toggle between locals looking for love and tourists looking for tonight.

  • Elite Singles is our favorite for locals looking for more.
  • Zoosk is our favorite option for locals who want something casual but still with some quality.
  • The League is a no brainer for anyone looking for an exclusive, high class dating experience.
  • Higher Bond is a Christian dating app ideal for the serious dating needs of the 500+ local churches in Vegas.
  • Tinder, while not our favorite, is best for super casual and random Las Vegas meetups because of the proximity function.

Looking for more ways to meet Vegas singles online? These five apps are just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re looking for the perfect fit you can find all of our online dating app reviews here.

4. Fremont Street – Best of Both Worlds for In-Person Singles

People on Fremont Street in Vegas

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a place in Vegas that was perfect for tourist singles, local singles, singles looking for love, and singles looking for casual fun? Well…there kind of is—and it’s Fremont Street. The city has done an amazing job of cleaning the area up over the past few years and because of the pricing and accessibility, it’s somewhere that attracts locals and tourists one and the same.

  • Do some research on the little bars on Fremont and also down toward Container Park. You’ll find a million and one great spots to meet singles with a different vibe than your run of the mill bar.
  • Take advantage of special events and concert series. Often, you’ll see free concerts down here that are a must check out for singles looking to mingle. Also, read our later tip on meeting singles in Las Vegas where we talk about First Friday, which is a monthly event that goes on down here and in the Arts District.

5. Local Gyms and Fitness Classes

Photo inside HIIT Life Fitness Las Vegas

People in Vegas like to look good, whether they live here or not. There’s also been a pretty big movement in people wanting to be healthier, which is something we can certainly get behind. While a conventional gym is somewhere you can meet singles, it may be a bit hard to strike up a conversation. This is why we recommend checking out smaller local gyms or places that do group fitness classes.

  • The CrossFit and HIIT scene in Vegas is pretty big. Gyms like HIIT Life Fitness are a bit more expensive but can be great places to meet like-minded singles.
  • Even if these classes don’t directly help you to meet singles in Vegas, they will help you to get in better shape which will absolutely help you at every other spot we’ve put on this list.

6. WAKA Adult Sports Leagues

WAKA Adult Sports Leagues Las Vegas

Adult kickball…with beer? Yea, it happens, and it only happens (legally) in Las Vegas. WAKA is an organization that runs adult sports leagues all around the country. But the WAKA in Las Vegas is the only location in the country where it is 100% legal for you to drink while you play. If you’ve ever wanted the hidden secret to meeting singles in Las Vegas, it’s WAKA.

  • You don’t have to be good at a sport to join a WAKA league. A lot of the teams are purely out there to have fun and throw a few (or a lot) back.
  • WAKA has leagues for all kinds of sports but kickball seems to be the biggest in town. Generally, they have leagues at multiple locations (usually Desert Breeze Park and Sunset Park plus more).

7. Festivals and Local Meetups

EDC Music Festival in Las Vegas

Even though no one has probably ever called Vegas the festival capital of the world, we think they should. Once the weather cools off around September and October, the town kicks into overdrive with beer festivals, food festivals, food truck events, and even a Pirate Fest. As you might imagine, these events are incredible places to meet singles in Las Vegas.  

  • Start your research ahead of time on the web, local news sites (Fox5 covers them a lot), Eventbrite, and other local event companies.
  • Get into the spirit! If you go to a pirate fest with an amazing costume and a great attitude, single men or women are probably going to approach you in droves with such an easy way to strike up a conversation.

Tips for Finding Singles in Las Vegas

  • Be safe. Seriously. – Sure, this is a tip that we would share for any city but especially in Las Vegas. With the wild nature of the town and the generous flow of alcohol, you need to make sure you’re staying safe in your search for singles.
  • Take care of yourself. – This tip for finding singles in Las Vegas is a piggyback off the previous one. It’s easy to fall into a trap of eating terribly, drinking too much, and not getting a lot of sleep. Take care of yourself (and your money) so that you’re someone desirable to date.
  • Get out of your comfort zone. – Vegas has some of the most unique things for people to do outside of the standard bars and nightclubs. Get adventurous! Try something new! Take a chance (a safe one) and you might be pleasantly surprised.
  • Use your friends. – Not only do friends make great wingmen and wingwomen, but they can be super helpful to introduce you to other singles that they know. In a town where people have a tendency to keep to themselves, it’s a great way to get connected
  • Don’t treat it like every other city. – Whether you’re a tourist or a local who is new to town (or new to the dating scene), the worst thing you can do is approach Vegas like it’s the same as every other big city. People are different here, the culture is unique, and the type of tourist atmosphere throws everything for a loop. The more you can learn about how the city really operates, the better your dating life is going to be.
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