Safe Dating Apps

Millions and millions of people have found love on the internet through online dating sites. But even in the face of such exciting and promising results, we do still hear those occasional stories on the evening news about something that went terribly wrong.

So, how do you keep yourself safe with online dating? It all starts with being selective about where you date and which companies you choose to share your information with. In this article, we want to do two things. One—we want to share our picks for the safest dating apps. Two—we want to share resources to help you stay safe while searching for love in the digital world.

6 Safest Dating Apps

1. Elite Singles

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Not only is Elite Singles backed by one of the largest online dating brands in the world (Spark Networks), but it’s clear that safety and security are top priorities. First, all data and messages are properly encrypted to prevent anything from leaking to any third parties or unsavory folks. Second, the company’s policies on your personal data are clear and rock-solid—no personal data is transmitted to third parties. Period. Third, internal data regulation limits your information to a need-to-know basis.

Here are some other things we’re fans of that Elite Singles does:

  • Proactively seeks out and removes fake accounts and spammers
  • Provides several customer support resources in the instance you have any issues
  • All site features including banking integrations utilize SSL protection

If you want the absolute safest dating app out there, we recommend Elite Singles. And if you want to learn more about the app, check out our Elite Singles reviews.

2. eHarmony

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With one of the best track records of data protection and following best practices, eHarmony is a clear leader on our list of safe dating sites. Some of the things we like from a security standpoint include forcing secure passwords, 2FA authorization, participation in the bug bounty program, SSL encryption, and a clear policy never to engage in selling your data to third parties.

A couple of other things to point out:

  • eHarmony has some of the most active and aggressive moderators we’ve seen
  • Networks are segregated by country to prevent potential overseas data or fraud issues
  • Looking back a decade, we found no records of data breaches

eHarmony is an amazing dating app for finding a serious relationship, and one where you can do that feeling safe. Want to see more about how eHarmony gets such amazing results? Check out our eHarmony reviews now.

3. SilverSingles

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Single seniors who might not be the best with technology understand that it’s important to get as much support as possible when online. SilverSingles is a 50+ site that goes a long way in helping people do just that. First, the site is backed by the Spark Network, a large and trusted provider. Second, the site understands the unique security concerns of seniors and goes out of its way to not only protect but to educate as well.

  • Clear and not confusing premium payment plans that are easy to cancel
  • Active moderators and customer support seeking out (and removing) scammers and fake profiles
  • Encrypted data protected by an in-house fraud team
  • Personal information is never provided to third parties

For singles over 50 who want the peace of mind that they’re choosing a safe dating app, go with SilverSingles. Learn more in our SilverSingles reviews section.

4. Zoosk

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The flagship of the Spark Networks brand is Zoosk. And when it comes to the safest dating apps out there, it’s clear that no expense was spared to keep the over 35 million users on the site as safe as possible. Let’s dive right into why we think this app is so good at keeping you protected:

  • Regular software updates (usually at least two per month)
  • Data never sold or shared with third parties
  • Aggressive removal of potential fake accounts

You don’t get to 35 million users and 3 million messages sent every day without turning your website into a fortress. You’ll love Zoosk, and will know you’re being protected. And to find out more, read our Zoosk Reviews as well.

5. The League

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Founded by a Stanford grad who formerly worked for Google, The League dating app was conceived and built by Silicon Valley whizzes who certainly get excited when the topic of data security comes up. Not only that, but the entire premise of The League is also built around a waiting list and an in-depth selection process ensuring real accounts and real people with real intentions. If there were an award for the Ft. Knox of dating apps, it would go to The League.

Here are a few more things we like that make The League one of the safest dating apps:

  • Integrated video call feature to verify people are who they say they are without exchanging contact information
  • Multiple ways to report and flag users who are breaking the community rules
  • Database secured with a major provider trusted by many companies in the Fortune 100

6. Christian Mingle

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The last option we have on our list of the safest dating apps is Christian Mingle. With over two decades in the industry, the security and fraud teams at Christian Mingle have proven time and time again that they know how to keep users safe. Much like many of the other options on the list, you’ll find high-level encryption of information and messages, a strict policy of never sharing user information with third parties, and a proactive in-house fraud team (backed by the Spark Network) that takes an aggressive approach to keeping you safe.

  • Founded in 2001; an impressive over two-decade track record
  • Forced strong passwords for added safety
  • Regular security updates pushed to proactively approach the process

If you’re a Christian single who wants to date in an inviting and safe environment, check out Christian Mingle. And to learn more about the app itself, check out our thorough Christian Mingle reviews.

Table of Contents:

Reasons We Trust These Secure Dating Apps

There’s a lot that goes into qualifying a dating app as safe, but even more that goes into calling it the safest there is. Let’s look at a few of the reasons we selected these options. We’ll also go into more details of our security audits in the next section, so keep reading if you want to learn more.

All Data and Messages Properly Encrypted

The number one concern people have when using online dating apps is whether or not their personal information is going to be safe. This is especially true because online dating is where you share a lot more intimate details about yourself than you might through other websites. We don’t just look for SSL encryption, but we also research the banking integration encryption, and how messages are encrypted to keep your private conversations private.

No Data Being Sold or Unnecessarily Provided to Third Parties

This is an easy one but an important one. No site gets on our list of the safest dating sites if they are selling or giving away private information to third parties. You will notice that we did say unnecessarily. What we mean by this is that sometimes apps will use the information just to validate you are who you say you are through a third party. We’re okay with this as long as the third party is vetted and it’s ONLY for the purpose of validation or account management.

Backing of a Reputable and Major Brand

When it comes to restaurants, we love mom and pop operations. When it comes to online dating apps who have access to all of our personal information, we want established and proven brands we can trust.

Customer Support that Actually Supports

Automatic processes can only go so far when it comes to keeping people safe online. But that doesn’t mean that’s where a safe dating apps responsibility stops. The customer support team needs to be ready and equipped to help in any situation, especially ones that may affect your safety and security. Things happen and people slip through the cracks. When this happens, you need to know you have the support required to stay protected.

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Online Dating App Safety Audits

While the bulk of our safety audit process is proprietary, we did want to shed some insight into what we do when we’re evaluating the security and safety of online dating applications. Additionally, we wanted to share some questions that you could ask yourself to conduct your own personal online dating safety audit. This will ensure that you aren’t putting yourself at any unknown risks.

Common Security Issues with Online Dating Apps

  • Does the app use SSL encryption through the entire application?
  • What is the apps written policy on the use of user data internally and as it pertains to third parties?
  • Does the app only use safe and properly integrated banking partners for subscription purchases?
  • Have there been any reported data breeches? If so, how did the site react? What data was released? How long ago was the infraction?
  • Is there an in-house fraud and security team?
  • Does the app have a safe way for users to communicate without the need to expose personal contact information?

Questions to Ask Yourself When Using Dating Apps

  • Do I have any personally identifiable information on my profile?
  • Do I have any personally identifiable information in the background of my photos? (Work badges, street signs, paperwork, etc.)
  • Do I share any information that I use for password recovery on other apps? (Dog’s name, kid’s name, street names, etc.)
  • Am I giving out my phone number or personal contact information too easily?
  • Do I confirm through video chat that the person I’m talking to is who they say they are before I agree to meet up?
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Safest Dating Apps FAQ

What is the safest online dating app?

The safest online dating app is Elite Singles.

Are dating sites actually safe?

Some dating sites are absolutely safe. However, that does not mean that all sites and apps out there are safe. The technology exists for dating apps to be safe, but they have to invest the time, resources, and efforts into implementation. Thankfully, many dating apps do this quite well.

Are paid dating sites safer?

In general, yes, paid dating sites are going to be safer. The reasons for this include more resources to dedicate to security, stronger barriers to entry for spammers and fake accounts, and an increased incentive for

Are there any dating sites with zero fake accounts?

Absolutely not. No matter what processes dating apps put in place, there will always be some fake accounts that get through.

Do dating apps actively remove fake accounts?

The safest dating apps we’re fans of do proactively remove fake accounts. As we said earlier, they can’t prevent all of them from slipping through the cracks. But what they can do is have processes and people in place to actively find and remove these fake accounts.