Dating Apps for Serious Relationships

We all have heard the endless Tinder-esque stories of wild nights, random hookups, and casual craziness that are products of online dating. And while that may or may not have its time and place, it’s a bit harder to track down stories of people using online dating to find real relationships.

But alas, the stories and results do exist! In fact, there are numerous dating apps for serious relationships 100% designed for people looking for long-term commitment. And today, we’re going to share those options with you.

Let’s take a look at the top 8 dating apps for serious relationships now.

1. eHarmony

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When it comes to dating apps geared solely towards finding a relationship, there really is no better option than eHarmony. Why? Several reasons. First, the entire matching process of the app is built around a relationship algorithm and compatibility questionnaire that all members take while signing up for an account. The questions are 100% aimed at the factors that make for stronger relationships and compatibility.

Second, the marketing of eHarmony is solely targeted toward singles looking to find a serious relationship. You don’t see ads talking about how many random hookups people on eHarmony had. You see ads talking about over 2 million people finding love and the site being the number one site for marriages.

For anyone looking for the best dating app for relationships, you don’t need to go any further than eHarmony.

2. Elite Singles

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Chances are that you’re not just looking for a relationship, but you’re looking for a relationship with the right person. And if education, goals, and success are important traits in a mate to you, then Elite Singles should be on your radar. With over 85% of the singles on the app achieving an above-average level of education or schooling, you can expect to see a lot of professionals who are going places in life.

And what’s great about professionals with goals, commitments, and smarts is that they don’t have time to play games or troll around online for random hookups. Elite Singles is a must check out for anyone looking for a relationship with someone educated, young professionals, or seasoned successful singles.

3. Zoosk

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Zoosk is our first recommendation for a relationship dating app that comes with instructions. Why? Well, Zoosk is an app that can be used for serious dating or casual dating. The good news, though, is all you have to do is select the type of relationship you’re looking for, and you’ll only see singles looking for commitment. So the instructions? Make sure you set your preferences!

Now, you may be wondering why we included a dating app like this on our list? It’s because there are an impressively astronomical 35 million members on Zoosk! That means that even if only half of the members are looking for a relationship, that’s still more than you’re going to see on most serious relationship only dating apps.

4. Christian Mingle

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Anytime you talk relationship dating apps, you’re going to see a lot of faith-based options. Why? Well, faith-based dating tends to shy away from the casual and haphazard dating lifestyle and flocks to the idea of serious and committed relationships.

And when it comes to faith-based Christian dating apps, there are few better than Christian Mingle. With over 15 million members all looking for committed dating, it’s really a must-have on a list like this one. For those who are Christian singles, you’ll love it. If faith doesn’t matter to you, you’re best off with a different option.

5. The League

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One of the perks of really good dating apps for relationships is their ability to weed out the people who aren’t serious about the process. The site that does this the best (some might say too well) is The League dating app.

Coming in hot with waiting lists, a verification and vetting process, and a limited number of memberships, The League is one of the most exclusive dating apps out there designed for professionals who want the best and don’t have time for games. It’s a bit more expensive and a heck of a lot more exclusive, but it just might be what you’re looking for (or at least worth checking out and getting on the waiting list)!

6. Jdate

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Jumping back to the faith-based options, Jdate is the leader when it comes to Jewish dating, and therefore, is a leader when it comes to dating apps for serious relationships. Yes, you can find tons of Jewish singles on many of the other apps we’ve recommended here, but if you’re looking for something a bit more focused and exclusive, it’s going to be Jdate.

The bottom line here is pretty easy. If you’re a Jewish single whose faith is important to them in a partner and you’re looking for a committed relationship, this is your winner. If any of those things aren’t 100% true or that important, choose another option on the list.

7. HER

HER Dating App

Lasting relationships and loving commitment aren’t just things reserved for the heterosexual community. And while many of the previously mentioned options are quite supportive and inviting of the LGBTQ+ community, sometimes you want something a little more exclusive.

If that’s you, then you’re looking for HER. While many LGBTQ+ dating apps are focused on casual dating and hookups, HER goes the serious and committed route. And with over 8 million members and a ton of educational resources and amenities, it’s a must checkout.

Again, you can still have a lot of success on sites like eHarmony, Zoosk, or Elite Singles, but here’s a dedicated version in case you want that.

8. Bumble

Bumble Homepage Banner

Another option that works for both casual and serious is Bumble. And while it’s not as easy to dictate what you’re looking for, we have still heard a lot of relationship success stories coming from Bumble.

If you’re not familiar with the site, it’s a swipe-style dating app (usually not great for serious relationships) but with a twist. When there is a mutual match, only the woman can send the first message. If she chooses not to, the match expires and that’s it.

For men, this makes it not the best serious relationship dating app because you have to take some more time and only swipe on women who sound like they might be looking for the same thing as you. But for the women, you’re in complete control and can limit your messaging just to the men that you think are looking for something serious.

Again, overall not completely ideal, but good enough reports of results to make our list.

Table of Contents

Reasons We Like These Serious Relationship Dating Apps

Of all the different needs and niches we analyze, this is the one that probably requires the most due diligence. Why? Well, cultivating a dating platform fruitful for serious relationships takes the most effort, features, and resources. And frankly, most apps and sites miss—and they miss hard.

Thankfully, some don’t. Here are several of the reasons we truly believe these are the best dating apps for real relationships.

A Primary Focus on Serious Dating

Here’s the gimme’ that gets missed a lot. In order for a dating app to make the list of serious options, it needs to be primarily focused on serious dating. This should be evident in the marketing message, the features, and the way the company conducts business. If that’s lacking or focused in a different direction, it’s going to show in the member base.

Preference Filters for Relationship Type (If Necessary)

There is one other side of the previous tenet. Some dating apps actually do a pretty good job of offering service to multiple wants and needs. For example, Zoosk and at times Elite Singles. When this is the case, it’s important that you can easily select your matching preferences so you’re only seeing and getting messages from other singles looking for real relationships.

We’re willing to bend on the first point for a great app, as long as this is accounted for properly.

Barriers to Entry for Flaky Singles

While serious dating apps can put forward the right message and have all the right features, they still need to make sure to attract the right types of singles. And sometimes, that’s more about keeping the wrong singles out of the picture.

How do apps do this? Well, they do it with lengthy sign-up processes (like eHarmony’s matching questionnaire), slightly higher paid memberships, and membership verification requirements. People who are lazy and don’t care about serious relationships are going to move onto dating sites where it’s more casual and requires less input.

Affordability for Access

While we mention a higher price tag as an effective barrier to entry, there is a caveat to that. We think that anyone and everyone deserves a chance at a real relationship. What that means is that yes, we think a certain level of price is important to get people who are serious, it shouldn’t be higher than it needs to be.

Doesn’t Lose Sight of the Fun and Enjoyment Factors

Anytime you hear the word serious, you think of, well, things that are serious. Generally, serious things don’t run in the same pack as things that are fun or enjoyable. We think when it comes to dating, that isn’t the case. You should be able to find a serious and committed relationship while still having fun and enjoying the process! We always look for apps and sites that haven’t lost sight of this.

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How to Use a Dating App to Find a Serious Relationship

Using a serious dating app is only step one. There are things that you need to do in order to have success. Here are some of the best tips to help you get the best results!

Express Your Intent Clearly

Just being on a dating app that caters to long-term relationships is not enough to let other singles know what you’re looking for. You need to state it clearly when you’re creating your account. Generally, there will be a field where you select this. If not, though, include it in your profile somewhere.

Don’t overlook this step, even if you feel like people don’t always read your profile.

Don’t Message the Wrong People

You can state your intent for a serious and long-term relationship all you want, but if you message people who are looking for casual dating, you won’t have much luck. This might sound like a no brainer now, but it does get tougher when you’re looking at some really pretty people who have all the other attributes you find attractive except their intent.

Don’t Entertain the Wrong People

Even if you do your part and state your intent clearly and don’t message the wrong people, you can’t control what other people do. If someone messages you that isn’t interested in a serious relationship, don’t waste your time with them. You can respond and let them know you’re not interested if you want, or just delete the message and move on.

Bring Patience to the Party

Last but not least, we have to talk about something important (dare we say, serious?). You have to be patient with the process. Finding someone for a one-night fling is easy. However, finding someone for a real relationship can and should take some time! Be okay with this. Realize this may happen. Do your part to be active in the process, but be okay if it takes a little while.

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Serious Relationship Dating App FAQ

What is the best dating app for finding a serious relationship?

The best dating app for serious relationships is eHarmony based on it’s size, messaging, algorithms, and track record.

Can you find love online?

Yes! Finding love online happens every day. While no one can guarantee that you’ll find love online, you have incredible odds to do so thanks to dating apps.

Can you find a real relationship online?

You absolutely can! Look at a site like eHarmony that has helped over 2 million people find real relationships online. And that’s just one app and an outdated statistic!

Are all dating apps good for finding long term relationships?

Absolutely not. Some dating apps are great for casual dating, some are great for long-term relationships, some are great for both, and some are great for nothing.