Catholic Match Free Trial 

If you are a practicing Catholic Christian, this online dating app was made specifically for you. Find people that share your faith, practices, values, and even diocese. Even better, you can try Catholic Match completely free! 

If that sounds good, just click the blue button and follow the steps to start meeting Catholic singles online today.

Catholic Match Free Trial Breakdown

Trial LengthUnlimited
Trial Cost100% free
Sign Up Time10 minutes
Send Messages?No
Receive Messages?Yes
Read Messages?Yes (but after 10 days of receiving them)
Video Chat?No
Add Images?Yes
View Images?No
Browse Singles?Yes
Filter Search?Yes
Create/Edit Profile?Yes
View Profiles?Yes
Fave Profiles?Yes

Is the Catholic Match Free Trial Worth It? 

The answer is a definite yes! Catholic Match is a very efficient, streamlined app that will help you quickly set up your profile and get to browsing before you even consider reaching for your credit card. 

The free trial version starts you off by asking you succinct, important questions about where you stand in your beliefs, your manner of worship, your family/marital status. Even your political stance on several key issues that are important to people sharing the Catholic faith are quickly set up for you through an easy multiple-choice questionnaire. 

With your own profile fully set up, including 9 images, Catholic Match then allows you to browse through various profiles of people near your area or the area of your choice. 

What is great about the app is that you have full access to your control panel even in the free trial version! That means you can set up some filters that will help you find profiles with better probabilities to be a good match for you. 

In particular, you can set up an age filter to ensure people are within 15 years of your own age. You can also filter out divorcees, opt out of showing your birthday, and more. 

Catholic Match’s free trial also gives you full access to its email notification system. That means you will get notifications for when someone likes your profile, when someone views your profile and is within your age range, and, most importantly search alerts! 

You can save your favorite search filters and let the app do the work for you, even when you’re not on it! If the search yields a new match, you will simply get a notification about it. Of course, if you aren’t eager to get notifications piling in your inbox, you can easily switch them off. 

The unique element that distinguishes this online dating app is its clear faith-centered approach to dating and relationships: you enjoy a sense of security in meeting others in an environment of in-group spiritual understanding and ideological companionship, even if your match isn’t immediately “the one”. 

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How to Start Using Catholic Match for Free

To start using Catholic Match for free, all you need to do is tap on the link below! 

  • Step 1 – Tap on the “start searching” button. 
  • Step 2 – Enter your city of residence and your gender. Tap “continue”.
  • Step 3 – Enter your email address and a password. Tap “continue”. 
  • Step 4 – Enter your information as you are asked. You begin with entering your first name and last name. The app will then ask you to enter your gender, your marital status, date of birth, and your Diocese. 
  • Step 5 – Enter your personal information as asked (remember to tap “continue”!). You’ll be asked your height, ethnicity, alcohol consumption and smoking habits, and whether you have children. You will also be asked more sensitive questions, such as your political affiliation and your faith-practicing habits and ideas. You have the option of not entering that information by tapping the “Get to know me first” option! 
  • Step 6 – After answering the multiple-choice questions, you will be given a box to write a few things about yourself in. A minimum of 50 words and a maximum of 500 are your limits. When you’re done, hit “continue”.
  • Step 7 – Specify your interests and faith-related practices by choosing from the various options offered to you. Make sure you tap “show more” if you feel you need to see more! You are not required to enter these, but it’s recommended. 
  • Step 8 – Add your profile photo. 
  • Step 9 – Add more photos OR opt to add them later. Hit “continue”. 
  • Step 10 – Tap “no thanks, I’ll miss out” when you’re offered a payment plan to activate your free trial. You’re ready to start searching profiles! 
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Features the Catholic Match Free Trial Includes

If you are a practicing Catholic, then Catholic Match will become your online dating app of choice. It’s clear that it was made by Catholics for Catholics and seeks to support you in your journey of finding the perfect match as seamlessly as possible. 

Catholic Match’s unique feature is its thorough questionnaire that is available during sign up for free and paid trials alike: you are asked specific faith-related questions, ranging from the typical parameters to the intimate yet powerful beliefs and stances.

All the things that can make or break a relationship are asked up front so that you can find matches that share that important common ground with you. 

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Premium Catholic Match Features

The main addition to the deal that a subscription gives you are messages. You can only send and immediately receive messages if you have a subscription.

So that means you can browse and peruse profiles to your heart’s content, but if you want to message someone then you will need to pay up! 

Same goes (almost) for reading messages: you can read messages on a free trial, but only with a 10-day latency. With a subscription, everything gets delivered to you on time! 

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Catholic Match Free Trial vs. Competitors

Catholic Match is a sure win for practicing Catholics, as it is specifically catering to this niche of the population. Using it will get you to see more like-minded people than any other app. On the other hand, other apps’ free trials, such as Hinge, offer full messaging services which might be a plus, depending on how well you can filter people our on your own through initial chats. 

Another plus for Catholic Match is that all its users are interested in serious relationships and marriage, whereas other apps cater to interests for casual relationships or friendships. Despite needing a subscription to talk to people, you can still communicate by liking profiles and attracting their attention that way. 

And if you really are motivated to pay to talk to someone, that is a great sign you may have found your chosen one! 

Therefore, if you are a Catholic who wants to find your spouse, give Catholic Match’s free trial a spin.