International Cupid Free Trial

Perhaps you’ve been in the local dating scene for a while now, and you’re craving for a change of environment. You’re looking for a change in the faces you see and you wish to learn more about cultures beyond your own. It’s time for you to experience dating internationally.

International Cupid offers you the experience of dating overseas, without having to be overseas – not yet, anyway. You can start off with a free trial as you get to browse through profiles of singles from all over the world. Have a chat with them and get to know them, before you actually meet them as you travel to their country, or when they travel to yours. Take the step out of your comfort zone and broaden your horizons with International Cupid.

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International Cupid Free Trial Breakdown

Trial LengthUnlimited
Trial Cost100% free
Sign Up TimeLess than 5 minutes
Send Messages?No
Receive Messages?Yes
Video Chat?No
Add Images?Yes
View Images?Yes
Browse Singles?Yes
Filter Search?Yes
Create/Edit Profile?Yes
View Profiles?Yes
Send Likes?Yes
Send CupidTags?Yes

Is the International Cupid Free Trial Worth It?

International Cupid offers you a platform to meet singles from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures, providing you the opportunity to respond to messages from paid members, with a possibility of establishing an international relationship. This saves you the time and trouble of having to meet someone overseas for any real chance at starting an international relationship.

If you’re seriously interested in knowing people from a different culture and background from yours, regardless of the distance, International Cupid’s free trial will give you a shot at it, and you’ll find the experience worth your time. 

How to Start Using International Cupid for Free

Joining the International Cupid free trial is simple and straightforward. Just click on the link we’ve provided, and you can proceed to set it up on the International Cupid’s homepage. These are the information you’ll have to fill in:

  1. Enter your first name
  2. Click on your gender and gender of the people you’re seeking
  3. Select your age
  4. Key in your email and your password for this account
  5. Check the box to confirm you’re over 21 and agree to the site’s Terms of Use
  6. Click on ‘View Singles Now’, and you’re in!

If you’re familiar with any of the Cupid Network online dating sites, you’d find that the process of signing up is similarly quick and easy. Now that you have an account, you can proceed to fill up your profile with nice, clear pictures of yourself and information you wish your potential matches would know about you.

On International Cupid, you don’t have to worry about an expiration date as their free trial length is unlimited. Explore all the functions that this platform offers in their free trial, before you consider taking another step towards being a premium member.

Features the International Cupid Trial Includes:

It’s undeniable that all online dating sites wish to turn members on the free trial to a paid member, but what’s great about the International Cupid free trial is that you still get to access all the basic features that give you a sense of how this platform works and the profiles available on this platform, before you commit to paying a monthly subscription for its additional features. For a free account, these are the features you’ll have access to:

  • Set up your dating profile with detailed information on your appearance, lifestyle, educational background and cultural values, hobbies and interests, as well as your personality
  • Upload your profile pictures (maximum of 5)
  • Indicate your preferences and select CupidTags to trigger the matching algorithm to look for profiles closer to your preferences
  • Browse through basic matches and like the profiles you’re interested in
  • Filter your matches through search functions
  • Receive and reply messages from paid members

Premium Features – Not Included in International Cupid Trial

Once you’ve gone through the features from the free trial, you may wish to begin initiating conversations with the profiles you’ve liked, and that may require you to become a premium member. The premium features simply offer individuals better chances of not only getting a match, but a match with someone you’re truly interested in. Here are the additional premium features you’ll get to enjoy as a paid member:

  • Boost your profile 
  • Send messages to any user on the platform for a better chance of getting a reply, since it’s free to respond
  • Access to the live chat via Instant Messenger
  • Browse profiles anonymously
  • Translate all messages to your preferred language (which is useful when chatting with users from different countries)

International Cupid Free Trial vs. Their Competitors

There are a number of online dating sites that similarly offer opportunities for international dating, for example eHarmony and While both eHarmony and are not specifically catered for international dating like International Cupid, their wide international reach allows international dating to happen on both sites. 

However, both eHarmony and are inclined towards singles looking for a serious relationship as the process of signing up can be pretty long and tedious with compatibility quizzes and questionnaires to fill in right from the start, whereas the process of signing up for International Cupid is simple and fuss-free, taking less than 5 minutes. Given the ease of signing up, there are also relatively more fake profiles that can be found on International Cupid than on eHarmony and

That being said, does not allow you to respond to a message with a free account, but International Cupid allows you to do so, and you won’t have to miss a connection as a result. On the other hand, eHarmony and filter your matches for you automatically, based on the preferences you’ve indicated, so that the matches you see have been carefully curated by them, but International Cupid requires you to utilize the search functions to filter your own matches.

On the whole, International Cupid free trial is definitely the easier option to get started on your international dating journey. If you’re keen to look for a serious, long-term relationship, and don’t mind investing the time and effort to get started, you can consider eHarmony and as well.