Dating Industry Data Reports

Being “in the know” is not just a cliché pop-culture reference. When you have means to stay up to date on the ins and outs of an industry, it’s truly an invaluable resource. At Singles Reports, that’s our goal with the online dating industry. No matter if you’re a seasoned industry insider looking for information or you’re a single man or single woman looking for love and need some direction, our reports are designed with you in mind.

The Data the Drives Dating is more than just a slogan to the team at Singles Reports. Our experts are passionate about data, facts, and figures, as they pertain to the online dating industry. Too often, people approach the industry from a purely anecdotal perspective. And while those stories and experiences are important to consider, there is no bias in a good set of properly and fairly analyzed data.

Some of the content you can expect to see here includes:

  • Well-designed surveys to understand industry trends
  • In-depth data studies pertaining to industry-specific topics
  • Head-to-head dating app comparison analysis
  • Dating site pricing and cost analysis
  • Location-specific dating information (Country, State, and City)
  • Identification and analysis of dating industry trends
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Are Politics Important in Online Dating? – Data Study

In the era of “everything is politically charged”, one might wonder if this politics-first approach has truly permeated every facet of society. Specifically, our research team was interested in learning if politics played any sort of a role in how singles selected their romantic partners. It’s widely accepted that things like religion, interests, and lifestyle play into how we as…