Unbiased Seeking Arrangement Review

If you try to find information about Seeking Arrangement online, you are probably going to find some mixed reviews. Some people swear by the service while others think it is all a scam. The truth is, it is a bit of a mixed bag! 

The app has amazing potential to be a fantastic matching site for Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies/Mommas, but only if you know how to use it. This Seeking Arrangement review is taking an unbiased looked at the drawbacks and advantages of the app, so you can determine if the site is good for your sugar dating journey. 

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Seeking Arrangement App at a Glance

4.5 Star Rating

Overall Rating – 4.3/5.0

Seeking Dating App Logo
Userbase40 million +
Sign-Up Time3-5 minutes
Membership CostStarting at $90 per month for sugar daddies
Payment Required?No - Free Membership available
Avg. User Rating3.1/5.0
Avg. User Age20-55 years old
Gender Ratio35% men | 65% women
Free Messaging?No
Video Chat?Yes
iOS App?Yes
Android App?Yes
Web Friendly?Yes
Support OptionsFAQ, Email ticket support
Launch Date2008
Owned ByW8 Technology

Is Seeking Arrangement Right for Me?

Seeking Arrangement (also known by the name Seeking.com) is one of the most popular sugar dating sites on the web, but they cater to a pretty specific crowd. Most sugar dating sites allow sugar babies to sign up for free, but Seeking Arrangement takes a different approach. 

The site has a deeply discounted membership fee for babies and any sugar baby with a .edu email can get a premium subscription for free. This is used to help ensure the babies on the site are real people and not scammers looking for an easy payday. 

That makes Seeking Arrangement the perfect sugar dating site for anyone willing to pay a little extra for more peace of mind.

What is Seeking Arrangement?

Seeking Arrangement is one of the top 10 sugar dating sites in the World. To get a good idea of the platform’s reputation and potential, let’s take a look through their history, pros and cons, and other background information. 

Seeking Arrangement History

Seeking Arrangement is also called Seeking.com and is the brainchild of Brandon Wade – an entrepreneur from California. Wade launched the site in 2006 and has watched it grow exponentially. In recent years, the site has undergone multiple updates and changes to help protect users against the threat of sex trafficking, sexual abusers, and more. 

What Makes Seeking Arrangement Different?

Seeking Arrangement stands out from other sites because it is one of the few sugar dating platforms that allow both men and women to step into either role of the relationship. Most high-end sugar dating sites only allow Sugar Daddies and female Sugar Babies to join, which may be why so many users flock to Seeking Arrangement.

Pros and Cons of Seeking Arrangement


  • Women can sign up as Sugar Mommas or Sugar Babies
  • The fee for Sugar Babies helps keep scammers off the site 
  • There are resources to protect users from sex crimes and fraud
  • The income verification feature keeps things honest and reliable


  • The site is fairly expensive
  • There is no guarantee Sugar Babies will get a free premium membership
  • Despite security features, fake accounts can pop up
  • Some non-verified accounts may belong to minors
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How Does Seeking Arrangement Work? – Features Overview

We can’t have a Seeking Arrangement review without stopping to discuss the functionality of the site/app. Let’s take a step-by-step look at the process of using the site to see if it is worth spending your hard-earned money! 

Signup process

To sign up for Seeking Arrangement you will need to provide an email address, user name, and some basic information about yourself and your dating goals. The process takes very little time! You will need to confirm your email before you can access the site, so only use an email you can access. 

We love how fast and easy it is to sign up for a free account. Seeking Arrangement even lets you skip some sections during sign up to help streamline the process. While we know there are additional verification methods you can use that take more time, we think free trial users will be impressed with how quickly they can start trying out the site. 

Matchmaking Process

Seeking Arrangement is a bit like a dessert buffet in terms of matching – you create the final search but they provide all the ingredients to create it. When you are on the site you will see listings of matches nearby. There are dozens of filters to use to search through and narrow these results down to your perfect match. 

Typically, we prefer to see sites that use personality tests and algorithms to suggest great matches. However, if a site is going to only offer self search features, they need to have amazing filters and Seeking Arrangement does! 

Unique Features

Seeking Arrangement offers a lot of modern features to premium and diamond users, but there are a few unique options that really stand out to us – video chat, security features, and member notes!

Video Chat – Seeking Arrangement  has gotten onboard with other modern dating sites in providing a video chat feature. We love these advanced chat features because they help matches connect on a deeper level. Plus, users can use these features safely on the site and avoid giving out their personal contact information!

Advanced Security Features – Seeking Arrangement has some of the most impressive security features we have ever seen on a dating site. This includes features like gps tracking for friends, fake phone calls, automated texts, and SOS messages. These are especially important for Sugar Babies. 

Member Notes- Premium and Diamond members on Seeking Arrangement get access to member notes. This is a place on profile where you can leave yourself comments about the profile. These private notes make it easier to keep track of your matches and also suss out any liars or scammers!  

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Free vs. Paid Memberships

You can easily sign up for a free Seeking Arrangement account, but it comes with some serious limits on what you can do on the site. Free users can:

  • Create a full profile
  • Search using all search filters
  • Open full profiles to view
  • Add users to their favorites
  • See a list of messages
  • See who added them to their favorites

While these features are great, there is one feature missing that users really need – reading and responding to messages. 

Users will need a paid membership to actually communicate with others. Here are other features users can get with a premium or diamond membership:

  • Use incognito features (hide login, location, and more)
  • Boost your profile
  • Filter messages
  • Keep member notes
  • Get on the attractive member board
  • Get a premium badge or diamond badge
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How Much Does Seeking Arrangement Cost?

Membership TypeLengthMonthly PriceTotal Cost
Premium1 month$99.99$99.99
Premium3 months$90.00$270
Diamond1 month$249.99$249.99
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What Kind of Relationships is Seeking Arrangement For?

Seeking Arrangement is best used for casual sugar dating. The site works hard to create an environment where sugars can find one another, but the approach is casual and isn’t usually used for long-term partnerships.

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The Bottom Line – Is Seeking Arrangement Worth It?

Seeking Arrangement is admittedly pretty expensive, but they offer a lot of high end features that you won’t find on other sites. Just like any sugar dating site, there are some issues with gold diggers, scammers, and minors signing up for accounts. So, these expensive security features are highly necessary! 

When we take into consideration the broad reach of the site, their modern features, great security, and reviews from actual premium members, we think Seeking Arrangement is definitely worth it!

Seeking Dating App Logo

User Reviews of Seeking

For a site with such unique and high-end features, you might be surprised to learn that the page’s reviews are not consistently high. Before the new security and verification features were implemented, Seeking Arrangement had a problem with minors and fraudsters signing up for accounts and luring users into trouble. 

An additional issue that causes low reviews is the price of membership. In fact, the most consistent negative review for Seeking Arrangement is that the reviewer didn’t want to spend the membership fee to view messages. 

Unfortunately, this means that many of the negative reviews are from people who never truly used the site. By comparison, premium users tend to give Seeking Arrangement a much higher rating. They say they met dozens of great women and had a lot of fun in their time on the site, even if it was a bit pricey! 

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Seeking Arrangement vs. The Other Guys

Seeking Arrangement vs. Elite Singles

Seeking Arrangement is a traditional sugar site where all users know that sugar dating is the end goal. Elite Singles is a more traditional dating site where elite singles are intended to meet one another. If you are looking for an easy place to find Sugar Babies or Sugar Mommas/Daddies, Seeking Arrangement is the site you want to use. 

Seeking Arrangement vs. SugarBook 

SugarBook is a site that can give Seeking Arrangement a run for its money. The site allows men and women to sign up for all sugar roles, just like Seeking Arrangement. SugarBook also limits communication to free users. The main difference is the advanced security features only found on Seeking Arrangement and the Terms of Relationship portal only found on SugarBook. 

Seeking Arrangement vs. Established Men

Established Men is a popular sugar dating site, but it takes an old school approach of only matching female sugar babies and Sugar Daddies. Seeking Arrangement, on the other hand, allows all genders to be a part of any role they please. The sites are otherwise similarly priced and both have great features, which may be why Seeking Arrangement is more popular with women.

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Seeking Arrangement FAQ

Do Sugar Babies Get a Full Seeking Arrangement Membership for Free?

The only way for Sugar Babies to get a full premium membership is to sign up with a legit .edu email address. Other Sugar Babies will have to pay a discounted monthly price, which is a fraction of the cost of a Sugar Daddy/Momma account. 

Why Do Sugar Daddies/ Sugar Mommas Pay More?

Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mommas are presenting themselves as eligible singles with a high level of income. Charging these members more money for a membership is a way of ensuring that liars and Splenda Daddies don’t sign up and waste everyone’s time. 

I Am a Man. Can I Be a Sugar Baby?

Yes! While many sugar dating sites don’t allow men to sign up as Sugar Babies or women to sign up as Sugar Mommas, Seeking Arrangement is different. The platform welcomes all genders into any role, which makes it one of the most all-inclusive sugar dating sites on the web. 

Yes. Sugar dating refers to a mutual relationship where one partner is attracted to the financial success of the other partner. Being in a sugar relationship is not a guarantee that money will exchange hands and Sugar Mommas/ Sugar Daddies are not paying for sex. 

Can I Sell My Escort Services on Seeking Arrangement?

No. Seeking Arrangement is a site for sugar dating, not a site for users to sell or solicit illegal services. Any attempt to sell services on the app can result in a permanent ban. 

How Can I Ensure My Match is Over 18?

We know users are worried about being tricked into meeting with an underage user, which is why we recommend only talking to users that have gone through the background verification process. Also ask to video chat and see their photo ID on the video chat. Using these two features together can give you confidence that your match is over the age of 18. 

Can I Sign up On Seeking Arrangement For Free?

Yes! Just follow our link above and you can easily sign up for a free Seeking Arrangement account!