Detailed Tawkify Review

“Finding romance doesn’t have to be complicated,” says Tawkify. We thoroughly agree. 

Tawkify is not your regular dating site; it’s a matchmaking service. And their highly successful match rate seems to suggest they’re pretty good at why they do. In this in-depth guide, we try to determine whether Tawkify delivers on its promises of an uncomplicated search for love. 

We also help you decide whether this matchmaking site is worth the hype and price tag that comes with it. Get strapped in as we deliver an unbiased, exhaustive Tawkify review.

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Before you get too far, we wanted to tell you the major drawback of Tawkify. Membership starts at over $400/month and for many that’s just way too much. If you’re looking for an easy to use app that offers great results at an affordable price we recommend trying Zoosk (even the most expensive plan is under $150/yr).
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Tawkify App at a Glance

3.5 Star Rating

Overall Rating – 3.5/5.0

Tawkify Logo
Userbase1 million +
Sign-Up Time5 minutes after Screening
Membership CostStarting at $1497
Payment Required?No
Avg. User Rating3.9/5.0
Avg. User Age30 to 60 years old
Gender Ratio55% men | 45% women
Free Messaging?No
Video Chat?No
iOS App?No
Android App?No
Web Friendly?Yes
Support OptionsPhone, Email, FAQ page
Launch Date2012
Owned ByKenneth Shaw

Is Tawkify Right for Me?

Tawkify is a digital matchmaking company where humans, as opposed to algorithms or machines, make the matches. This unique feature helps the site stand out and means that it costs more than standard dating apps.

If you’re single, ready for a long-term commitment, and you’ve got money to spend but haven’t got the time to swipe and check out partners yourself, Tawkify is perfect for you. You sit down, relax, and let your money work for you. All you have to do is show up when a match has been made and a custom date fixed.

On the flip side, singles with tighter budgets who prefer to have more say in the matching process are probably better off considering other sites than Tawkify.

Top Tawkify Alternatives

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#3ZooskTry FreeZoosk logo
#4Christian MingleTry FreeChristian Mingle logo

What is Tawkify?

Tawkify is a digital matchmaking company that has become quite popular for its high rate of successful matches. With a database of over 1 million singles and 10,000 active weekly users, Tawkify offers a new and very viable option for singles tired of regular dating sites. 

Tawkify History

Stanford Start-X alumni Kenneth Shaw and popular love columnist E. Jean Carrol started Tawkify in 2012. The goal was to create a less stressful platform for busy singles to meet eligible partners.

Kenneth Shaw is the current CEO and has quite some experience with applications. He began his career at Microsoft and produced a popular app on Facebook – My Purity Test before working in a senior role at One Kings Lane. Jean Carroll is an advice columnist at Elle Magazine and author of the ASK E. JEAN column that has run for quite some time in American publishing. She’s also a contributing editor to other popular magazines like Esquire.

The merger between these two individuals helped create a hands-on platform that blended traditional matchmaking with the power of the internet and the massive reach of online dating.

What Makes Tawkify Different?

Tawkify is essentially an online matchmaking service. This middle man feature makes it very different from the popular online dating sites. Although there are similarities in adding members to the dating pool database, Tawkify users don’t get to make a match for themselves – the site does everything for you.

Tawkify’s matchmakers screen all user-profiles and thoroughly study them to ensure they pick up on similarities and probabilities. After the screening, they arrange custom dates between matches. After each date, your matchmaker collects feedback and uses this information to fine-tune your future matches. Thus, individuals are hardly in control of the process, unlike regular sites where you have to swipe and initiate a conversation with potential partners.

Tawkify’s screening procedure is also a standout process. They make calls to clients during the screening process and take special care in the selection process to ensure they can easily weed out fake profiles and accounts.

Pros and Cons of Tawkify


  • Tawkify has a higher successful match rate than most regular dating sites.
  • Tawkify is a matchmaking service. As such, the entire process is stress-free for users. After sign-up, all you need is to wait for the perfect match and show up to your date.
  • Safety concerns plaguing other dating sites are minimal here because the matchmaker verifies and screens profiles extensively before the date.


  • Clients may have to wait for a longer time to get matched
  • Tawkify is quite expensive to join 
  • Clients have no say or control in the selection process of their potential dates.
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How Does Tawkify Work? – Features Overview

Tawkify blends the personal touch of a concierge or traditional matchmaker with the extensive reach of technology in online dating. The site contains thousands of thoroughly screened and verified quality singles, and your personalized matchmaker goes to great lengths to study, select, and match you with the perfect date. 

Signup Process

Tawkify has a different sign-up process from other dating platforms. Here, you have to go through a phone screening. Once you get through this process, the rest of the signup procedure only takes a couple of minutes.

You can get started with a basic profile by uploading your photos and answering a few general questions about yourself.

Tawkify offers two membership options; you can choose to sign up as a ‘Client’ or a ‘Member.’ As a client, you pay a considerable amount to get a personal matchmaker, guaranteed matches, and a personalized experience. 

You pay a much cheaper amount to join the dating pool as a member. While matches are not guaranteed for members, there’s a good chance that you’ll get selected as a potential match for a client, in which case Tawkify will contact you for further screening. 

Matchmaking Process

Tawkify pairs you with a matchmaker that fits you when you become a client. This move marks the beginning of your love life on the platform. Your matchmaker helps access compatibility for dates and thoroughly scans the database to find you an ideal match, wherever they may be. 

Once they get you a potential match, matchmakers screen and verify them before scheduling an exciting date experience for you. With all of the overthinking and planning taken care of, all a user has to do is show up and enjoy their first date with their match. 

After each date, your matchmaker also collates feedback from your experience and gives guidance and dating advice throughout the process to ensure you get a successful match sooner than later. It’s a perfect middle-man service!

Unique Features

Tawkify does not have a lot of features because clients have very little to do on the site once they’ve gotten a matchmaker. The app’s basic functionality revolves around its matchmaking service.

Digital Matchmaking.

The primary and most exciting feature about Tawkify is its matchmaking functionality. However, this service is only reserved for ‘clients.’ As mentioned, each client has an assigned matchmaker that handles all the search and selection processes. The matchmaker also schedules and creates the first date experience between potential matches and remains on hand to facilitate smooth progress as the relationship continues. Clients are guaranteed a date every month.

Other minor features of Tawkify include;

Custom Dates 

The matchmaker is entirely responsible for creating a date with the matching partner they’ve curated for a client. The dates are creatively arranged and organized based on activities they know both parties are interested in. If you become a client, you’ll have very little say in the date planning process other than being present and settling part of the bills. While this takes a lot of control from you, it gives you less worry over arranging the perfect first date with your partner.


After the date, the matchmaker contacts the client to inquire about and collate details. These details can serve two purposes. They help the matchmaker to offer valuable advice and insight in the event a second date is in the offing. The matchmaker also uses these details to better understand and adjust your tastes and help if another match needs to be curated. 

Basically, every failed date brings you closer to your successful match. And thanks to the quality of singles available on the platform, you’ll most likely be getting a successful match sooner than later.

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How Much Does Tawkify Cost?

Membership TypeLengthMonthly PriceTotal Cost
Premium3 months$499$1497
Premium6 months$449$2694
Premium12 months$424$5088

Free vs. Paid membership

While Tawkify sometimes offers free screening for newly interested users, they don’t provide a free service on the platform.

You’re either a Client or a Member. Becoming a member grants you access to the dating pool at just $99 a year. This is relatively cheap, although there’s no guaranteed match for Members. However, there’s a good chance that you can be matched with a Client, thus giving you good value for the money spent.

Clients pay way more to get access to the Tawkify Concierge service. This is the premium feature. You can sign up for the three months, six months, or year-long plan on Tawkify. Signing up for a longer-term plan helps you save more money. For example, you keep close to 17% when choosing the 12 months plan over the 3 months plan. As a client, you have access to all features Tawkify offers.

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What Kind of Relationships is Tawkify For?

Considering the pricey nature of the Tawkify platform, we think it’s safe to say that the site is ideal for singles who are tired of the dating scene and seriously crave a long-term commitment.

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User Reviews of Tawkify

Tawkify seems to have good reviews across different review platforms. Most singles said they were impressed by the attention to detail from their matchmakers and the quality of their dates. Negative complaints mostly centered around the expensive nature of the site and its refund policy if a Client successfully lands a partner before the paid term lapses.

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The Bottom Line – Is Tawkify Worth It?

With over 100,000 matches and a high success rate, Tawkify stands in its own league for successfully matching singles. If you want a long-term commitment, and you don’t mind the prices you might have to cough up, then Tawkify might end up being exceptionally valuable to you because they most likely would get you what you want – a successful match. 

While Tawkify doesn’t have a free trial, you can always become a ‘Member.’ It’s much cheaper, and it ensures you’re in the dating pool for potential matches. Who knows, you could be the match a client’s been waiting for all along.

Tawkify Logo
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Tawkify vs. The Other Guys

Although Tawkify is quite different from the regular dating sites, they have comparable goals – getting you a successful match. Here, we quickly compare Tawkify with popular dating apps out there.

Tawkify vs. Zoosk

These sites do not have similar features due to the unique model Tawkify operates. If you’re in for a long-term commitment plan and have enough money to sponsor this, then Tawkify might just be for you. However, if you want to test the online dating scene and get suitable potential matches at a much cheaper cost, you should settle on Zoosk. 

Tawkify vs. Tinder 

Again, both sites do not have much in common other than you can find love through them. While Tinder uses a swiping feature to search for potential matches, Tawkify has everything done for you by a Matchmaker. So if you desire more control over the selection process and have a lesser budget, you should prefer Tinder. 

Tawkify vs. eHarmony

eHarmony makes use of its compatibility matching system algorithm to narrow down singles to just a few matches for its users, while Tawkify gives you one match and creates a date for you. So you could consider eHarmony as sort of a middle ground between the Tawkify model and the traditional dating site system. Singles looking for some level of control over the dating process but not ready for the swiping and scrolling of most dating sites should prefer eHarmony.

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Tawkify FAQ

Is Tawkify a free dating app?

No, Tawkify does not have a free trial. You either become a ‘Member’ or a ‘Client,’ both of which involve some cost. 

Is Tawkify channeled towards long-term relationships or casual dating?

Tawkify is more geared towards long-term relationships, given its pricey nature. 

Is Tawkify LGBTQ+ friendly?

Yes. Tawkify claims it is open to all sexualities and gender orientations and can get all singles a potential match. 

How do I become a Tawkify Client?

Becoming a client on Tawkify is easy. Simply use the sign-up link to get scheduled for an introductory call.